15 More Blog Topics For Your School

blog-topics-for-your-schoolBlogging for your school should be a central tenet of your inbound marketing strategy – it certainly is for us! There are so many benefits to blogging including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), branding, and serving as a way to attract prospective families and students.

The only difficulty that we’ve had with blogging is trying to determine what we should blog about. While I’ve already given you 15 topics for your school’s blog I would like to help you with your blogging efforts and offer 15 more blog topics for your school.


1. Conduct a video interview of a member of your school’s faculty or staff about why they teach
2. Conduct a Skype video interview with a famous alumni and ask their advice on a topic
3. Conduct a video interview with one of your school’s recent alumni still in college and ask “If I knew then what I know now.”
4. Shoot a video book review of a current educational book
5. Post a video blog post with the topic : “A Day In The Life.”
6. Post a video of your art teacher showing how to draw a face


7. Write a blog post out the origin of a campus or school tradition
8. Conduct an email interview with an educational author/figure
9. Write a response to a newspaper article
10. Write a blog post offering tips on how to warm-up properly for athletic practice
11. Write a blog post explaining how to make a homemade volcano or some other science project
12. Write about a rumor at your school and offer the “real” story
13. Offer 10 books to read over the holiday break


14. Post “Behind The Scenes” photos from a campus event
15. Post photos illustrating the steps in a process

The point of this list is to serve as a jumping off point for you to think about potential blog topics for your school. My other goal is to get you to think beyond the written word and also think about video blogging and photo blogging. Finally, any subject can serve as a blog topic and the more you focus of offering value with your blog posts as opposed to writing a press release about your school – the more successful your blog will be with SEO, branding, and attracting visitors.

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    great jumping off point, thanks for the inspiration. sometimes it’s hard to come up with even the simplest idea when you’re focusing so hard on it.