4 Advanced Tools To Help You Extend Twitter

4 Advance Tools To Help You Extend TwitterNow that you’ve started using Twitter for your school, and for yourself, you’ll begin to notice that there are limitations with the Twitter web interface. After tweeting over 7,600 times, I’ve discovered 4 tools that have become part of my Twitter arsenal to help me search, archive, chat, and journal Twitter.

1.Twitter Chat

I’ve increasingly begun to use Twitter to participate in online chats that are identified by hashtags. A recent chat that I enjoy, and recommend for people who works at schools, is #isedchat. #Isedchat occurs every Thursday night from 7pm -8pm EST. If you try to follow and participate in the chat using the Twitter web interface it will be difficult, to say the least. There is hope though. I’ve found a great tool to help you make chatting on Twitter more enjoyable: TweetChat. To use TweetChat you sign in with your Twitter account, choose a hashtag to follow, i.e. #isedchat, and then converse in realtime.

2. Archive Tweets

Tweets are fleeting and there seems to be no elegant way to go back and see your tweeting history. There is an answer though: Twapper Keeper. Twapper Keeper, the name is an homage to the famous Trapper Keeper of my youth, is actually a very powerful tool that allows you to create an archive based on hashtag, keyword, or @person. Check out the archive of my last 50 tweets: http://1838.co/schneiderb.

3. Twitter + Journal = Twournal

While this tool, at first glance, appears to be more for fun than work, I actually have found this a great resource for archiving your tweets. Twournal will generate an archive of your last 3,000 tweets which you can purchase in book form or receive a free eBook by email.

4. Search Twitter

Although there are many different tools with which you can search Twitter, I consistently turn to Twitter’s own search interface at Search.Twitter.com. You can search Twitter by hashtag, keyword, or @person and my favorite feature of this search tool is the ability to grab the RSS feed of the search and put it into Google Reader.

I hope you’ll take the time to check out these tools. They have made my Twitter life easier and I’m confident they can do the same for you. If you’ve run across any other tools that you use to help extend Twitter please let me know in the comments section below.

Creative Commons License photo credit: mccun934

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