5 iPhone Apps iLove

iphone-appsFor as much as iLove my iPhone 4 I realized that I have yet to blog about the device that is always with me – much to the chagrin of my wife. As I mentioned in my About Page, I’m trying to make my iPhone 4 my only computing device and to that end I would like to share 5 iPhone Apps iLove and use everyday.

1. Evernote

iLove Evernote and consistently question how I functioned before Evernote was created. I’ve organized my digital life in Evernote and their companion iPhone App is fantastic. Evernote recently updated their App and the new version is such an improvement. I am able to access all the content I store in Evernote and even create content on my iPhone.

2. Nozbe

iLove Nozbe to help me implement the Getting Things Done (GTD) system on my computer. The Nozbe iPhone App is a wonderful companion to the web interface. I’m able to view my tasks by Next Actions, Projects, Contexts, or Calendar. The App also lets me create any of the above items which are synced with my online account.

3. Boxcar

As I’ve mentioned before, social media can be a huge time drain if you allow it but iLove the iPhone Boxcar App to help me manage my social media life. The Boxcar App allows me to check my Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds in one location so I can take control of my updates rather than allow them to control me.

4. Hootsuite

I continue to use Hootsuite to manage my Twitter and Facebook accounts and find the Hootsuite iPhone App invaluable. This App is highly customizable and serves as a great mobile interface to the web interface. While I’ve tried other iPhone Twitter cleints I continue to return to this App every time.

5. Kindle

My wife purchased a Kindle for me last August and I’ve read more books in the past year than probably any other time in my life. A small part of that reading took place on my iPhone using the Kindle App. While I admit the small screen size isn’t ideal for long periods of reading, the increased resolution on my iPhone 4 has made the reading more enjoyable for me. I’m able to read my current book at any time I’m able to steal a few minutes from my schedule.

I realize there are over 350,000 Apps in the Apple App Store but these represent the 5 iPhone Apps I use multiple times a day. I’d to love hear about the Apps that you can’t live without. Please let me know your favorite Apps by posting them in the comments below or on the SchneiderB.com Facebook Page.


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  1. says

    A few apps that I can’t imagine giving up: 

    1. skype (terrific for placing calls while overseas)

    2. dropbox (being able to punch up a file from my phone has saved my skin a few times)

    3.  netflix (ok, this is a guilty pleasure, but it rocks when you’re beat & need some veg time while waiting for a flight).