5 Reasons why iLove Buffer

buffer-appDuring a recent conference I had a conversation with a person I only knew through social media and they asked me if I was on social media all day. When I asked why they would think that their response was that I’m tweeting, posting to LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook every day of the week and at all times.

I was a little surprised by that answer because I’m really not on social media 24/7. I do understand their perspective though and thought I would share one of my ‘secrets’ for posting social media updates.

I use a number of tools to help me manage my social media accounts and one of my secret weapons is Buffer. Buffer is a cloud application that helps me schedule my social media updates and I’d like to share 6 reasons why iLove Buffer.

1. Automatic Scheduling

The major reason I like Buffer is that it allows me to schedule updates for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for my personal as well as my school accounts. Buffer works like this using Twitter as the example:

  1. Set-up the number of times you want to tweet per day. For my personal account I tweet 4 times a day using Buffer and for my school account I tweet 2 times a day.
  2. You can then set the time you would like each of those tweets to be published. I have mine set up to tweet during business hours.
  3. Install the bookmarklet for the browser you use on a regular basis. I use Chrome.
  4. When you find something worth tweeting click on the bookmarklet which will allow you to add that webpage into your Buffer queue.
  5. Buffer then does all the work and will tweet that webpage at the next available slot based upon the days and times you’ve selected.

2. Multiple Social Media Accounts

A great time saver for me is that Buffer handles all of my social media accounts so when I find something worth sharing I click on the bookmarklet in my browser and can select all of the social media accounts where I would like to share that particular piece of information.

I am able to share something on my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkIn accounts with one click – talk about saving time!

3. Analytics

Buffer has built in analytics which allows me to see how effective, or how not effective, a particular piece of content resonates with my audience. I really like the fact that Buffer elegantly integrates their analytics interface within the tool and I also appreciate the simplicity of their analytics reporting. I can quickly see what is working and what is not working.

4. Team Work

If you have multiple people managing your social media channels at school you can invite them to co-manage the channel through Buffer helping to spread out the work load and saving each of you time. (In order to add a Team Member though you will have to upgrade your Buffer account…see below.)

5. Cost

Buffer does all of this for free! The free account does have limits associated with it though and I have chosen to upgrade my Buffer account to the paid version which allows me have unlimited posts, 12 social profiles, and 2 team members. I pay $8.50/month and think it is a terrific value!

Buffer has actually helped me manage my time and truly is one of my social media secrets. So the next time you see an update from me on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn think of Buffer and please know that I actually do have a life outside of social media. :-)

I encourage you to take Buffer for a test drive and let me know what you think by posting your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. tianakai says

    Is this the only social media tool you use? Meaning, can I stop using HootSuite and still have ease and success with Buffer? I’ve read a lot about it, but haven’t pulled out of what I’m currently using just yet. Thanks.

    • says

      Hi @tianakai:disqus,
      Buffer is not the only social media tool I use. I still use Hootsuite as my main dashboard to view and monitor twitter. I use Buffer to schedule tweets because I prefer the ease with which I can put tweets into the Buffer queue. Hope that helps!

      • tianakai says

        ah, ok. i just got used to hootsuite’s dashboard, but i will check buffer out and see if it’s what i need. thanks!