Announcing The SchneiderB Bloc

schneiderb-bloc-facebook-groupIf you didn’t notice yet the Forum is gone.

On Thursday night I had a technical problem with the forum which then caused a problem with the blog. The result was that I had to delete the forum and start over. :-(

Rather than focus on the negative I used this as an opportunity to question the subscribers to my blog about where they wanted to interact with other members of the community. The result was their desire for us to share and learn through a Facebook Group.

So today I’m happy to announce the creation of the SchneiderB Bloc Facebook Group.

Why A Bloc?

A Bloc is a combination of persons, groups, or nations forming a unit with a common interest or purpose. Our interests are inbound marketing, social media, technology, and branding for schools.

We are all professionals seeking to do the work we want, only better. At the SchneiderB Bloc, you can connect with people you can help, and find people who can be helpful to you. I encourage you to join this closed Facebook Group if:

  1. You can help others be more successful.
  2. You’re open to talking about ways to improve yourself.
  3. You’re not afraid to try new things.
The group is closed only to ensure that spammers and the like don’t ruin our experience.
I hope you’ll join the group and participate freely. Join Now.



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