Productivity is Never an Accident

Productivity is Never an Accident - SchneiderB Weekend Update

How much time do you think about organization or time-management? I actually think about it all the time, seriously! I’m busy, you’re busy, and tasks aren’t being taking away from us. Quite the opposite, I keep adding projects and tasks and I am being expected, and expect myself, to complete more. I think that leaves […]

4 Ways to Gain Followers for Your School on Instagram

4 Ways To Gain More Followers For Your School On Instagram

This post originally appeared on the npEngage blog from Blackbaud. The social media channel I’m most excited about using this school year is Instagram. Why? Because in just a little over five months we’ve already doubled our following! Even though we’ve had an Instagram account for over two years, we only became serious with our Instagram strategy […]

19 Online Tools I Can’t Live Without

19 Online Tools I Can't Live Without

My father-in-law is a general contractor. Over the years he has been paid to complete different tasks – from building an entire house to hanging a picture in someone’s home. During two summers while I was in college he hired me to work for him and I quickly realized two things: 1. I’m not that […]

Word of Mouth Marketing for Your School with Rick Newberry

Word of Mouth Marketing for Your School with Rick Newberry

  When most parents are asked how they first heard about their children’s private school the overwhelming response is through word of mouth. The troubling fact about this response is that most schools don’t have a specific strategy in order to harness the power of word of mouth marketing for their school and simply leave it to […]

Using Instagram for Your School with Rebecca Moore

Using Instagram for Your School with Rebecca Moore

  I can’t remember when I first connected with Rebecca Moore, the Director of Communications at Randolph School located in Huntsville, AL. What I do know is that when we recently connected she shared a project they were completing at Randolph School involving the school’s Instagram account, students, hashtags, and more. I became really excited about […]

The Social Media Athletic Director with Jeff Walrich

The Social Media Athletic Director with Jeff Walrich

  Typically when I speak and write about inbound marketing and social media my audience is composed of admission, communications, advancement, and/or marketing people. I usually never find athletic directors in my audience…until now. I received an email a few months ago from Jeff Walrich, the Athletic Director at Gilmour Academy, and he had some pretty […]

The End of Chuck’s Corner with Chuck Will

the end of chucks corner with chuck will

  When I began four years ago one of the blogs that I consistently read and modeled was Chuck’s Corner written by Chuck Will. Although I’m excited for you to hear my conversation with Chuck it’s also bittersweet for me because Chuck’s Corner but will end this year when Chuck retires from Proctor Academy. For […]