8 Reasons Why I Love Canva

I have been blessed with fortuitous timing in my professional life. Time and time again opportunities have presented themselves at the exactly right time, exactly when I needed to them to in order to solve problems or issues I’m currently dealing with. This past winter I finished reading Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to […]

8 Reasons Why I love Canva

Step 4: Fill In The Details – School Marketing Plan Challenge

  In final step of the School Marketing Plan Challenge you are going to fill in the details of each goal using the information that you completed in Step 1 and Step 2. Here is how to accomplish Step 4:   Phase 1 In Mindmeister begin by dragging Initiatives and Marketing Channels to be under […]

Step 4 School Marketing Plan Challenge

#013: Word of Mouth Marketing for Your School with Rick Newberry [Podcast]

When most parents are asked how they first heard about their children’s private school the overwhelming response is through word of mouth. The troubling fact about this response is that most schools don’t have a specific strategy in order to harness the power of word of mouth marketing for their school and simply leave it to chance. […]

Word of Mouth Marketing for Your School with Rick Newberry [Podcast]

#012: Using Instagram for Your School with Rebecca Moore [Podcast]

I can’t remember when I first connected with Rebecca Moore, the Director of Communications at Randolph School located in Huntsville, AL. What I do know is that when we recently connected she shared a project they were completing at Randolph School involving the school’s Instagram account, students, hashtags, and more. I became really excited about her […]

Using Instagram for Your School with Rebecca Moore

Step 3: Building an Outline – School Marketing Plan Challenge

As I mentioned in Step 1 of the School Marketing Plan Challenge, It’s my belief that in order plan for the future you need to look back and see where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and analyze what you can do to get better. The main purpose of Step 1 and Step 2 were to look […]

Step 3: Build an Outline - School Marketing Plan Challenge

#011: Whipplehill – Blackbaud Discussion with Travis Warren [Podcast]

In August 2014 it was announced that Blackbaud had acquired Whipplehill. It was a move that surprised and left those in the independent school community excited, scared, and asking questions about the future of each company. While I don’t have the answers to those questions I was able to get Travis Warren on the podcast […]

Travis Warren - Blackbaud - Whipplehill

Step 2: Past Year Review – School Marketing Plan Challenge

  OK. Does your head hurt after completing the Marketing Channel Audit Worksheet for Step 1 of the School Marketing Plan Challenge? While my head admittedly does hurt a bit from brainstorming, listing our channels, and trying to determine metrics for measurement I found this exercise incredibly important in determining not only where we want […]

Step 2 School Marketing Plan Challenge

#0010: The Social Media Athletic Director with Jeff Walrich [Podcast]

Typically when I speak and write about inbound marketing and social media my audience is composed of admission, communications, advancement, and/or marketing people. I usually never find athletic directors in my audience…until now. I received an email a few months ago from Jeff Walrich, the Athletic Director at Gilmour Academy, and he had some pretty sophisticated […]

The Social Media Athletic Director with Jeff Walrich