8 Reasons iLove Sprout Social


I created my personal Twitter account (@SchneiderB) in May 2008 and I created my school’s Twitter account (@Sewickley) in March 2009 and in that time I’ve tweeted a collective 47,000 times. To help me manage my multiple twitter accounts I’ve used a number of different tools including Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Seesmic, and Brizzly. I’ve changed tools […]

5 Reasons why iLove Buffer


During a recent conference I had a conversation with a person I only knew through social media and they asked me if I was on social media all day. When I asked why they would think that their response was that I’m tweeting, posting to LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook every day of the week and […]

4 Reasons iLove Dropbox

So far the fall has been a pretty hectic time for me. I’ve traveled to Cambridge, MA, Chicago, IL, San Diego, CA, and Canton, OH for different meetings and conferences. While I was traveling I also needed to keep up with my work at Sewickley Academy and at SchneiderB.com. Organization has been key to keeping […]

6 Reasons Why iLove MindMeister – An Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Tool


One of my productivity goals is to go paperless. I’ve been fairly successful in achieving my goal using tools like Evenote and Nozbe. One area where I’ve had trouble going paperless is when I brainstorm and plan my presentations and writing. I’ve tried many different tools to help me plan and organize my thoughts and […]

Are You In The Cloud? I Am And Here Are 4 Of My Favorite Cloud-Based Applications


I love Christmas Break! Not only is it a great time to recharge and unwind from the school year with family and friends, it also allows me to have large chunks of time to focus on my blog. During one of these chunks of time I got up from my computer for a couple of […]