How to Promote a Blog Post

How To Promote A Blog Post

A central component of properly implementing inbound marketing at your school is launching and publishing a school blog. We launched our school blog at Sewickley Academy about five years ago and have published around 260 posts. We’ve learned a lot over these last five years but the most important lesson we’ve learned is that once […]

Lead Nurturing for Schools

Lead Nurturing for Schools

The modern admission office has become very automated. By leveraging technology admission officers have been able to do more with less resources: staff, money, and time. The infusion of technology and automation doesn’t have to mean the disappearance of the ‘personal’ touch that all admission offices hold in high regard. This is where lead nurturing […]

School Marketing Plan Challenge

School Marketing Plan Challenge

One of the questions that I’m frequently asked is do I have a school marketing plan that I would be willing to share? Since the beginning of four year ago, I have always been open and transparent with the inbound marketing and social media marketing techniques that I utilize at Sewickley Academy. The one exception […]

School Marketing Pitfalls: Costly Poor Strategy with Paid Search Advertising


[guestpost]This is a guest post by Ralph Cochran. Ralph is the Principal Consultant at Schola Inbound Marketing which helps private Christian and Classical schools increase enrollment.[/guestpost] If your school is paying for advertising on search engines and other websites, then you are light years ahead of your competition.  However, paid Internet advertising is only one […]

Free Inbound Marketing Software for Schools

free inbound marketing software for schools

Sewickley Academy is a Hubspot school. We’ve had success using their software and continue to use it today. Their tools help us manage our inbound marketing strategy and I’m so thankful they exist. While I highly recommend Hubspot for schools I also realize that their software isn’t inexpensive. I understand and recognize the value of […]