Show, Don’t Tell Marketing Made Easier With iPhone Video

I inherited a strong communications program when I started working at Ravenscroft. One of the efforts I immediately fell in love with is called Classroom Connection. It’s a blog that offers readers a peek inside the classroom to showcase our talented faculty in their element. If you handle marketing at an independent school, you know […]

Show, Don’t Tell Marketing Made Easier With iPhone Video

Don’t Make This Mistake on Pinterest

While I’ve seen more and more schools using Pinterest in their marketing efforts I’ve been troubled by a mistake that schools routinely make when uploading an image to Pinterest. In my opinion the main benefit of using Pinterest in your school marketing is to drive traffic back to your website. The problem I see is that schools treat Pinterest like Flickr and fail to include this backlink to your website.

In order to add a link you’ll need to upload your image and then choose to edit the image. When you edit the image after uploading the image you’ll see a space where you can add a link in the Source field which is visible in the image below.


“Brendan Schneider of Sewickley Academy – Podcast Interview”
by Rob Smith

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May 8, 2014

I wanted to share this podcast I interview I did with Rob Smith from

Rob is the business manager for Creek Christian Academy.

I really enjoyed our conversation and if haven’t heard my story, or how came to be, I think you’ll enjoy our conversation as well.

With the end of the school year approaching that means graduation season is upon us. Graduation season means graduation speeches on the internet and in all honesty – I’m a sucker for an entertaining graduation speech.

I think I enjoy graduation season so much because I think giving a memorable and meaningful graduation speech is one of the hardest public speaking challenges there is.

Can you remember your high school or college graduation speaker?

Can you remember what they said?

To begin graduation season I wanted to share this clip from actress Sandra Bullock. While I have enjoyed many of her movies in the past I really enjoyed her memorable advice to these graduates. I especially enjoyed her challenge to stop worrying!

Go found your joy!

How to Increase Fan Engagement on Your Facebook Page
April 2, 2014

Have you noticed a drop in organic traffic and reach on your school’s Facebook page?

The reason is that Facebook now wants you to pay for advertising in order to achieve the same reach you had before.

Amy Porterfield, the Princess Leia of Facebook, offers great advice on how to increase fan engagement on Facebook organically by following three simple tips.