School Marketing Plan Challenge

One of the questions that I’m frequently asked is do I have a school marketing plan that I would be willing to share? Since the beginning of four year ago, I have always been open and transparent with the inbound marketing and social media marketing techniques that I utilize at Sewickley Academy. The one exception […]

School Marketing Plan Challenge

Should Schools Bother With Instagram?

Should Schools Bother With Instagram? The question begs for whether school marketing directors should bother putting time and effort into the newer social media platforms popping up each year. As we all know, a school marketing director’s time is precious, and dabbling in new social platforms is generally not on top of the to-do list. […]

should schools bother with instagram

People are Talking About You…Without You

Parents and students don’t just search for “Schools” or “Alternative Education” they search… and then they “re-search” to see what other people have to say about your school and faculty. Face it, choosing an educational institution is a big step for families and individuals, and what others have said can make or break your enrolment […]

People are Talking About You…Without You

My good friend, Larry Jensen, asked me to speak at the sixth annual River Roundtable at Christchurch School. I’m really excited to be part of a four speaker line-up including Andy Hirt (TABS), Dave Taibl (SSATB), and Kay Ford (CTC Tours).

Date: June 30, 2014
Event: River Roundtable at Christchurch School
Topic: The Truth About Inbound Marketing and Social Media for Admissions
Sponsor: Christchurch School
Venue: Christchurch School
Location: 49 Seahorse Lane
Christchurch, VA 23031
Public: Private

#009: The End of Chuck’s Corner with Chuck Will [Podcast]

When I began four years ago one of the blogs that I consistently read and modeled was Chuck’s Corner written by Chuck Will. Although I’m excited for you to hear my conversation with Chuck it’s also bittersweet for me because Chuck’s Corner but will end this year when Chuck retires from Proctor Academy. For 15 […]

the end of chucks corner with chuck will