19 Online Tools I Can’t Live Without

19 Online Tools I Can't Live Without

My father-in-law is a general contractor. Over the years he has been paid to complete different tasks – from building an entire house to hanging a picture in someone’s home. During two summers while I was in college he hired me to work for him and I quickly realized two things: 1. I’m not that […]

16 Ways to Do Your School’s Website Wrong


This is a guest post by Chuck Bankoff – Chuck has been a Digital Marketing strategist since 1999 and is an International speaker, author and trainer to other internet consultants on 5 continents. Chuck manages the Kreative Webworks team of website development and web presence optimization specialists who created Charter School Marketing to help schools increase their student enrollment […]

8 Reasons Why I Love Canva

8 Reasons Why I love Canva

I have been blessed with fortuitous timing in my professional life. Time and time again opportunities have presented themselves at the exactly right time, exactly when I needed to them to in order to solve problems or issues I’m currently dealing with. This past winter I finished reading Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to […]

My NEW Social Media Secret Weapon – IFTTT Review

Over two years ago I wrote about my then favorite social media secret weapon, Tumblr, which helped me manage my school’s Facebook and Twitter accounts through the use of automatic cross-posting. Truth be told – Tumblr really wasn’t designed for this purpose but it did help me manage my time with social media. As I’ve said […]

What Are You Struggling With Right Now?


What are you struggling with right now? Social media, inbound marketing, blogging, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, landing pages, where to start, etc… I’ve increasingly heard from the readers of SchneiderB.com and from the fans of the SchneiderB.com Facebook Page about their specific issues and questions and I’m glad to help by offering my suggestions. I’ve recently noticed […]

Are You In The Cloud? I Am And Here Are 4 Of My Favorite Cloud-Based Applications


I love Christmas Break! Not only is it a great time to recharge and unwind from the school year with family and friends, it also allows me to have large chunks of time to focus on my blog. During one of these chunks of time I got up from my computer for a couple of […]