Introducing the VirCon3

The Economic Crash of 2008 not only had an effect on school enrollments. It also had an adverse impact on school budgets. As a result, schools are getting smarter and smarter about how they spend money on things like marketing, advertising, and even professional development.

Overall, the need for professional development has never been greater, but the dollars available have been shrinking, creating tension to find professional development opportunities that deliver incredible value. It's this tension that I'm hoping to ease with the launch of the SchneiderB VirCon1.

Traditional conferences are expensive.

Their costs include expensive registration fees, airfare, hotel costs, food, and drink - total costs can add up to thousands of dollars depending on how far you have to travel.

To make matters worse, how often have you heard that a successful conference is one where you can take one or two items back to your school to implement.

Spend thousands of dollars on one or two items - that just doesn't add up anymore.

For the SchneiderB VirCon1, I've recruited seven marketing experts to present virtually. You won't need to spend money on airfare, hotel costs, food, or drink.

Additionally, the learning will last all year because you, and your team, will have access to the presentation recordings.


Learn from experts who have been, or are, just where you are, and can help attract more prospective families and help retain the families you currently have enrolled.

  • Using Analytics to Help with School Marketing

    Andrew Sculthorpe, image seven

  • Storytelling Online: Transforming Your School Website into a Marketing & Admissions Resource

    Emily Cretella, Cursive Content Marketing

  • Leveraging LinkedIn for Education Professionals

    Rob DiMartino, Finalsite

  • Telling A Story Through Graphics

    Jeff Walrich, St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School

  • Don't Fear the Data: Embrace Data-Driven Marketing

    Sarah Mead, Whitby School

  • How to Create, Produce and Use Online Video in your School Marketing with Just an iPhone

    Mike Hatfield, Powhatan School

  • 25 Facebook Posting Strategies for your School’s Marketing Strategy

    Rick Newberry, Enrollment Catalyst

What Makes the VirCon3 Different?

  • Risa Engel, Director of Communications, Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart
    "Kudos to you for putting together such a great lineup of speakers. It was very helpful that each gave examples for getting started immediately. For me, the timing was perfect as I've spent the summer trying to get my head around inbound marketing. As I told a colleague this morning, I took away more from the 5+ hours I was online yesterday than I did from a 4 day, $3000 conference I went to this summer. "
    Risa Engel, Director of Communications, Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart
  • Andrea Carisse, Director of Strategic Communications & Marketing, Ridley College
    "Overall I thought the day was well planned and had varied content and was helpful. The cost was also easy to stomach in comparison to the $400-$900 face-to-face events that are tough to justify."
    Andrea Carisse, Director of Strategic Communications & Marketing, Ridley College

With your purchase you'll receive:

Immediate access to the above seven video presentations

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I share the recordings with other members of my team?

    Absolutely! If you purchase access to the VirCon1 please feel free to share the recordings with other members of your team.

  • How long is each presentation?

    Each presentation is between 45 and 60 minutes.

  • Are the videos mobile-responsive?

    Yes! The VirCon1 is delivered using a platform that is mobile-responsive you can watch the videos on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.