Weekend Update – Dec01

brief-enjoymentHappy Social Media Saturday! Listed below are links to interesting things I found on the web this week: cool tools, great blog articles, memorable Tweets – anything that stuck out to me and I think is worth sharing. I encourage you to check them out for yourself!

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Blog Post: The Connected Learner’s Guide To Proper Grammar – Grammar has regrettably but understandably fallen by the wayside for a generation of connected learners and web 2.0 students. Casual web repartee in posts, tumbles and tweets has encouraged sloppy style and poor grammar among the younger set.

Phrases and words that feel right are often wrong, according to the old school grammar practiced by teachers and prospective employers. Use this guide from our content partners at Online College as a launching point to refresh your grammar with a brief, but focused, session…

Blog PostYour 12-Point Checklist for Mobile-Optimized Landing Pages – Who knew Disney (Walt, not the corporation) was such a prognosticator of things to come?

Visionary, yes. Impresario, of course. But who knew that “It’s a Small World,” that cloying little ditty you can’t get out of your head for hours after taking a 12-minute motorized gondola ride, would foretell the future of marketing?

For digital marketers, even as the opportunities expand, the playing field is shrinking — to a space about 2 inches by 3 inches: the smartphone screen. Also shrinking is the time to reach consumers75 percent of online searchers take an action within a few hours, and 36 percent of them take an action immediately.

Yes, the market for tablet devices is growing rapidly, but the latest figures show more than 6 billion smartphones in use worldwide, about 90 percent of the world’s population. And, regardless of which analysts’ predictions you believe, 2014 or 2015 — the time when mobile access to the Web will outpace wired access — is almost here.

So as a lead generating inbound marketer, you must master optimizing your landing pages for mobile marketing, too. I mean, do you really want to lose out on lead generation opportunities with your mobile audience — an audience that’s getting bigger day by day? I think not. So this post is going to tell you the best practices for optimizing your landing pages for mobile devices — it’ll be a handy checklist to ensure you don’t miss out on that on-the-go audience of yours…

Throughout my career I’ve run my own small businesses, consulted with small business owners, and built software for small business users. I’m one of the biggest small business advocates you’ll ever meet. The passionate entrepreneurs who decide to launch and run their own businesses are the force that drives this world forward.

One of my favorite things about small business owners is that they’re natural do-it-yourselfers. As a small business owner yourself, you’ve probably learned that in order to get something done right, you oftentimes have to do it yourself.

In this article I’ll show you how to take your web marketing results into your own hands.

Although it’s common to assume that web marketing should be handled by the techies, don’t make this huge mistake. Your knowledge about your business make you the person most capable of generating big web marketing results – more sales leads and new customers for your business.

Small business owners who use this process acquire new customers at drastically lower costs than buying visitors through cost-per-click ads. Our research shows that following this process over one year produces high quality free website traffic equal to that from a $100,000 paid search engine advertising campaign. Let’s get started…

Blog PostHow to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool – Last week, we published a post about how to choose and implement the right keywords to use on your marketing site. In that article, we suggested using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool if you’re having difficulty figuring out different keywords/keyword iterations. It’s important to research, implement, and test different keyword iterations on your site to figure out which ones are most effective at increasing targeted website traffic, and as a result, customers…

Have fun checking these out and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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