Weekend Update – Mar30

Weekend Update Mar30Happy Social Media Saturday! Listed below in my Weekend Update are links to interesting things I found on the web this week: cool tools, great blog posts, or questions/comments from one of the SchneiderB.com online communities – anything that stuck out to me and I think is worth sharing. I encourage you to check them out for yourself!

Blog Post: Optimize Your Videos for Search and Social – If your business has been on the World Wide Web for more than about 12 minutes, you understand that the most powerful and proven way to attract customers online is through search. That’s so much the case that an entire industry evolved to help businesses optimize for Google, Bing, Yahoo and friends. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a powerful driver of traffic. Since the two primary ways to make money online are to increase traffic or increase conversions, well … it’s important.

But social media has thrown SEO for a bit of a loop. Now, instead of bouncing around the Internet from website to website, perhaps stopping on the occasional message board or forum, people are spending time on social networks. And when they’re on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like, they’re doing something they didn’t do before: They’re leaving content in their wake. The search engines know this, and know this content — in the form of Tweets, Facebook posts and even YouTube comments — is perhaps more valuable to consider in search algorithms since it comes from actual consumers having conversations.

Thus, the term and practice of “Social Search,” has emerged. Now, in addition to traffic, links and directory listings, your web content’s search engine rankings can also be affected by “Like”s, ReTweets, +1s on and so on. These social signals add a layer of human verification that a link or piece of content are worth seeing. The more social proof a given piece of content has, the better chance it has of ranking higher than competing content, provided all other entires in the algorithm for each are the same…

Blog Post: What The New Facebook Threaded Replies Means for Your Social Media Crisis Management – A cool concept in theory, being able to reply directly to individuals posting on posts can have many advantages. But what about the disadvantages? What about the risks and the absolute do NOTs that come along with this new feature?

If you’ve ever experienced, took part in or witnessed any kind of Facebook attack, the comments streaming from a comment or post can be overwhelming. Add the possibility of threads into each one of those individual comments and we could be talking about an overly overwhelming mess of havoc! This means that it’s going to be even more important and challenging for your community managers, social media monitors and crisis team to be on top of what’s going on on your Facebook page in a crisis, and respond within the briefest delay…

Blog Post: 10 Ways to Drive Instant Results With Inbound Marketing– A couple days ago, our friends over at Marketing Pilgrim published a great blog post from Square 2 Marketing‘s President and Co-Founder Michael Lieberman called “10 Ways Inbound Marketing Drives Results This Month.”

I was impressed with the content, but more importantly, I thought the angle was spot on — one of the pain points many marketers and business owners share with me is that it’s scary to adopt a new methodology when it might not yield immediate results.

The best inbound marketers do, indeed, play a good long game, but you can use inbound marketing tactics and strategies to move the needle immediately, too. So to add to Lieberman’s already stellar list, here are ten more ways you can borrow from inbound marketing to see immediate positive changes in your marketing…

SchneiderB Tribe Google+ Community – I received this question from a reader of SchneiderB.com and I need help figuring this one out…Is there any way to manipulate our FB page to allow posts to show first rather than recommendations? On a computer there are two columns with posts to left and then recommendations at right.  Persons looking from a mobile device only see recommendations first then scroll down. Is that possible to move those? Any and all help will be appreciated – thanks!

Tool: Mention – My tool of choice to monitor social media for ‘mentions’ of my school.

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