What Are You Struggling With Right Now?

schneiderb-forumWhat are you struggling with right now?

Social media, inbound marketing, blogging, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, landing pages, where to start, etc…

I’ve increasingly heard from the readers of SchneiderB.com and from the fans of the SchneiderB.com Facebook Page about their specific issues and questions and I’m glad to help by offering my suggestions.

I’ve recently noticed a pattern though that a lot of my readers share the same concerns and fears when it comes to using social media or inbound marketing for their school. As a result, I thought there could be some value in creating a place where the readers and fans of SchneiderB.com could ask their questions, get answers, and serve as a resource for years to come.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve launched a Forum on the SchneiderB.com Facebook Page where I would like you to share what you are struggling with right now with regards to technology, social media, branding, or inbound marketing for your school.

If you have another topic or question for me please click the “New Topic” button on the Forum in order to ask your question.

I look forward to helping and hope the Forum will become a place where we can all learn from each other!

Visit the Forum on the SchneiderB.com Facebook Page Now.


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