11 Clever Ways to Repurpose Content and Boost Your School’s Reach

There are more than 209 million people in the U.S. that are active on social networks, and everyone has different preferences when it comes to the type of content they would prefer to view. Repurposing older content is an easy way to make sure your content has a better chance of being seen – and valued – by your school’s target audience.

Repurposing content refers to using valuable content that you’ve prepared in the past and presenting it in a different way or on a different platform. There are lots of great ways to repurpose content you’ve published in one form or another to give added value to your high-traffic blog posts, most engaging social media posts or most viewed videos.

Here are 11 painless ways to repurpose content and breathe new life into your best ideas.

  1. Construct a Blog Series

This strategy works best with a meaty topic. Divide your top-performing content into a series of shorter posts is a good way to dive deeper into the topic as well as make your topic easier for your audience to digest. A good topic series will also build anticipation for the next post in the series to be published, hopefully drawing your audience back to your blog in the future.

  1. Produce round-up posts

People love a good round-up post; creating one is a good way to package your best content. If you have several posts on the same theme, you can easily create an expert round-up post. Similarly, you can create a “Start here” section on your website that you use to “round-up” your flagship articles or videos. This ensures your most important – and core – content will always get traffic, especially from newcomers to your site.

  1. Generate infographics

Perpetually popular, infographics are a great way to repurpose your content into a visual that is easily and quickly “gettable.” Infographics tend to be shared a lot on social media, which further increases your reach. Canva is a great tool for seamlessly creating very attractive infographics.

  1. Design social graphics

People love images and graphics on social media, and they like to share image-rich social media posts over other types of content. You can use this to your advantage by creating graphics that use “nuggets” of information about your school. Statistics or useful tips are especially good types of content you can repurpose as a graphic.

  1. Create a Slideshare presentation

Turn your most important research and ideas into a presentation and publish it on Slideshare. Presentations are more popular and engaging than a regular article and more interactive than an infographic. Many presenters have had great success building reach through Slideshare presentations, and you can do it too!

Exclusive FREE Bonus: Download the pdf 11 Clever Ways to Repurpose Content and Boost Your School’s Reach to reference in the future and/or share with colleagues in your school.
  1. Turn videos into GIFs

You can easily repurpose your videos into Gifs by using existing video clips you’ve created. There are apps you can use to create simple GIF slideshow or trim a video into a GIF and add captions or stickers. One such app is GIPHY. In today’s world of on-demand video, creating short versions of your video footage is a great way to get most out of your video library.

  1. Use videos to create articles

Some videos lend themselves well to an interesting article. You can use the topic of the video, paraphrase spoken words or create an outline of the concepts presented. There are numerous examples of companies that do this by combining different types of formats like video, images, text, and audio to present their content.

  1. Organize an ebook

Once you’ve built enough content on a topic, you can put it into an ebook. An ebook gives people the opportunity to immediately share the information, download and print it out to make it easier to read. An ebook is convenient because the user can easily skim the contents and find what they are most interested in.

  1. Cultivate testimonials and metrics

Chances are you have collected great reviews, feedback and impressive reports. Parents love and trust reviews by other parents – even if they are virtual strangers – so why not use reviews and statistics from your satisfied families to your advantage?

  1. Launch a podcast

Podcasts have become immensely popular, and it’s super easy to start one. A podcast is a unique way to present your best content to your audience. You can take your best articles and turn them into a podcast episode. Then, you can easily embed your podcast episode on your blog. Use the best talking points from the episode to create a blog post.

  1. Republish on a different platform

Another easy way to repurpose content is to republish it on alternative platforms, such as:

  • Medium
  • LinkedIn
  • WordPress.com free account
  • Tumblr

As school marketers, we all have too much to do, and not enough time to get it all done. We’re also under pressure to deliver high-quality content and distribute it across an ever-growing array of channels. When you focus your energy on producing awesome assets, you’re likely to produce a better piece of content than you would be by dividing your focus across every platform you can think of. Repurposing your best content will help your school reach a new audience, leverages the time you’ve spent creating top-quality content, and breathes new life into your old stories.

Exclusive FREE Bonus: Download the pdf 11 Clever Ways to Repurpose Content and Boost Your School’s Reach to reference in the future and/or share with colleagues in your school.

Do you have any other methods of repurposing to share with your fellow school marketers? I’d love to hear your ideas and experiences in the comments below!

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