15 Blog Topics For Your School

Blogging for schoolsI’ve written that in order to market your school you should create a presence on Facebook and Twitter. While I still strongly recommend those social media channels, I need to let you know that I’ve become a firm believer in the power of blogging. I would argue that a blog, as a part of your official school website, should be the first inbound marketing channel that you create and keep it as your marketing hub.

Blogging is also the core of a great Search Engine Optimization strategy. By using a blog to create great content that people will want to link to, you will increase your authority which will help your school’s website to show up higher in search engine results.

Blog Topics

The purpose of your blog should be to educate, share, and inform. To that end, I’ve listed 15 blog topics for your school:

  1. What to expect on an admission shadow/visit day.
  2. How the admission committee evaluates each admission folder.
  3. How you should prepare for a summer college visit.
  4. Follow these requirements for your college essay.
  5. How to engage in a service learning project.
  6. How to establish a cross divisional tutoring program.
  7. Summer workouts for high school athletes.
  8. Why we teach Mandarin Chinese.
  9. Money isn’t the only way to give to XYZ school.
  10. Commute time with your kids is more time with your kids.
  11. Staying healthy during flu season.
  12. What XYZ school has meant to me.
  13. Chicken fingers at home. (Or any recipe that is a favorite in your cafeteria.)
  14. Our theme of the year in action.
  15. Behind the scenes: cleaning our school at night. (Written by your maintenance staff.)

I hope this list will serve as a jumping off point for as you beginning blogging for your school. I would also recommend that you allow other members of your community to author blog posts – this will allow the collective “voice” of the school to become the blogging “voice” of your school.

I would love to hear other blog topic suggestions in the comments section below.

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