18 Ways To Drive People To Your School’s Facebook Page

Last week I attended a conference in New York City and had great discussions about social media with educational colleagues from around the country. A common theme from those conversations was how to drive people to view a school’s social media channels, especially Facebook. There were a lot of great answers and I thought I would share 18 ways to drive people to your school’s Facebook page.

  1. Conduct a survey
  2. Upload candid photos taken during your school day
  3. Put your Facebook page url in your email signature
  4. Post your school’s lunch menu
  5. Ask a question
  6. Create desktop backgrounds using images from your school and post them on Facebook
  7. Post a picture of the day
  8. Post a student of the week
  9. Post a classroom of the month
  10. Post a teacher of the month
  11. Post a staff member of the month
  12. Post an alumnus or alumna of the month
  13. Post your newsletter on Facebook and only make it available there
  14. Post athlete schedules and updates
  15. Use Facebook events to post your school’s external schedule
  16. Have parents write summaries about school events so that other parents not in attendance can be updated
  17. Run a contest and give away school merchandise
  18. Ask a trivia question about the school

Plus three extras…

  1. Post a fact about your school’s history each week
  2. Post news articles about your school from local newspapers
  3. Post video from your school

This is not an exhaustive list and I would love to hear what you have done to drive people to your school’s Facebook page by posting your ideas in the comments below.

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