4 Reasons iLove Dropbox

Dropbox-logo So far the fall has been a pretty hectic time for me. I’ve traveled to Cambridge, MA, Chicago, IL, San Diego, CA, and Canton, OH for different meetings and conferences.

While I was traveling I also needed to keep up with my work at Sewickley Academy and at SchneiderB.com. Organization has been key to keeping everything together as well as completing my work. One reason that I’m able to keep everything from failing apart is the use of the Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivityir?t=schneidcom 20&l=as2&o=1&a=0142000280
time management system but, in my opinion, an equally important reason is my use of Dropbox, a free online file hosting service. As a result, I’ve become a huge fan of Dropbox and would like to share 3 reasons why iLove Dropbox.

1. Access Anywhere

I’ve become amazed at the number of different electronic devices I use during the day. I use an iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, iMac, and PC desktop at school. The thought of trying to access the same file on each of these devices used to cause me a headache.

Not anymore.

Dropbox has native clients for each of my devices as well as clients for Android, Linux, Kindle Fire, and the web. Once installed, the native client acts like a local drive where I can save and interact with my files as if they were stored locally on my device. I can now keep all of my files in Dropbox and never have to worry about having access to them – no matter where I go.

While I was traveling I kept my PowerPoint presentations in Dropbox, as well as on my computer, so I would always have a copy of what I needed. When I traveled to meetings I kept important files in Dropbox so I didn’t have to worry about losing USB drives, paper, or stress about the airline losing my luggage.

2. File Sync Across Platforms

Having native clients for each of my devices is great, but the fact that Dropbox syncs files across my devices is just cool. Let me explain…

I typically write at night after my kids go to sleep and I use my MacBook Air. I store the documents on Dropbox. When I go into work in the morning and log into my PC at school I receive a little notice saying that Dropbox has synced my files, the files I worked on last night, with my desktop PC. I never have to worry about having different versions of documents in different places. Dropbox takes care of making sure that I have my most recent files on all of my devices.

3. Peace of Mind

Native apps and file syncing across platforms are great features of Dropbox that I value immensely but the real reason that I’ve become a Dropbox evangelist is the fact that Dropbox allows me to have peace of mind! The feature set of the service is great but in the end I NEVER worry about the files I store in Dropbox. I know that I will always have access to my files when I need them and can access them where ever I go and what ever device I’m using at that moment. By freeing me from that worry I’m able to focus on doing my job and getting things done.

4. Free

How much would you pay for everything I just mentioned? Peace of mind alone would be worth quite a bit!

What if I told you that Dropbox is free? Well, it is for 2GB of space. Dropbox does offer more space for a small monthly fee but I encourage you to try DropBox today.

Sign-Up for Dropbox today and enjoy the peace of mind that I currently enjoy!


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