5 Online Tools to Help You Write Better Blog Post Titles

I'm obsessed with food videos on Facebook.

Do you know the ones I'm talking about?

The camera point of view is looking down on the food preparation area, whether that’s a cutting board or a pan on a cooktop, and the videos have text overlays explaining ingredients and directions. The final product is shown at the end of the video, and everything looks fantastic.

You might be thinking, what in the world do food videos have to do with inbound marketing and social media?

In a word, attention.

Attention is everything in marketing and crucial to the success of inbound marketing. If you are blogging for your school, and I hope you are, then a successful inbound marketing process follows this path:

  1. Write a blog post that either educates and/or entertains and publish it to your school’s blog
  2. Share your blog post on social media
  3. Your target audience sees your content on social media and clicks through to read your blog post
  4. Your target audience clicks on the call to action at the end of the blog post and gives you their email address in exchange for your offer
  5. You put that email address in a lead nurturing sequence with the hope that they will complete your intended goal of visiting campus.

Now back to my food videos.

My food videos are your competition on social media. The linchpin for this inbound marketing process is to ensure that Step #3 actually happens. You need to earn your target audience's attention, and when you share your blog posts on social media, earning that attention is difficult because you are competing against pictures from your target audience’s family, content from brands they follow, as well as my food videos.

How Do I Earn Attention for My Blog

There are a few ways to earn attention for your blog content on social media, and in this post, I want to focus on blog post titles.

Your titles need to be sexy and attention grabbing. A word of warning, though, they should not be misleading or overly sensational, it’s a fine line to walk and one that you’ll need to experiment with.

One of the techniques that I have used in the past are headline generator tools. These are free online tools that allow you enter words which then return interesting titles for your content. I’ve listed five headline generator tools below:

  1. Kickass Headline Generator – A lean headline generator tool that allows you to select a category and then enter words based on a formula to generate your headline.
  2. Portent’s Content Idea Generator  – I really enjoy the headlines generated from this tool. You enter a topic, and this tool returns some pretty fun results which will definitely compete with food videos.
  3. FATJOE's Blog Post Title/Idea Generator – A very simple tool that allows you to enter a keyword which returns hundreds of potential titles.
  4. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator – I like this tool because it allows you to enter up to three nouns which the tool then uses to create some pretty interesting blog post titles.
  5. Blog Title Generator – My final simple tool that creates titles after you enter a keyword and then describe that word.

I hope you enjoy experimenting with these tools and I wish you luck in competing against my beloved food videos.

About the author 

Brendan Schneider

Hey, I’m Brendan, and this is my blog. After 28 years working in private, independent schools in mostly admissions, enrollment, marketing, communications, and fundraising roles, I decided to make SchneiderB Media my full-time job, where I help schools get more inquiries through my Fractional Digital Marketer program. I also started the MarCom Society, a membership created expressly to help, support, and train marketing and communications professionals at schools.


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