53 Things To Post On Your Facebook Page

During my interview with Guy Kawasaki for edSocialMedia he mentioned that ” the ‘whole world' isn’t on Facebook” and that he needed a website, in addition to a Facebook page, to maximize the marketing impact for his new book, Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actionsir?t=schneidcom 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1591843790&camp=217145&creative=399349. While I completely understand Guy's position, as of November 2020 there were 2.7 billion people on Facebook and as a result, a Facebook page for your school is a necessity.

Once you've created your Facebook page it becomes a blank canvas and the issue of what to post for your school can become a bit intimidating. In order to help you overcome your fear of things to post on your Facebook page, I've created a list of 53 things to post on your Facebook page for your school.


I've used my iPhone11 to take some great photos as I walk around campus in order to give our Fans an unfiltered view of day-t0-day campus life.

  1. Photo of the day
  2. Picture of class
  3. Picture of school assembly
  4. Picture at lunch
  5. Picture of nurses at work
  6. Picture of Lower School Class
  7. Picture of Middle School Quote of the Day
  8. Picture of Senior School students relaxing
  9. Picture of campus on a sunning day
  10. Picture of morning drop-off
  11. Picture of flyers around campus
  12. Picture from a sporting event
  13. Picture of food at lunch
  14. Picture of staff members at work
  15. Picture of backstage during a performance
  16. Picture of alumni
  17. Picture from school archives
  18. Picture from past graduating classes
  19. Picture of student artwork


Once again, I like to walk around campus and use my iPhone11 to take short (30-60 second) videos of campus life which I post unedited.

  1. Video of Lower School Assembly
  2. Video from faculty meetings
  3. Video from Senior School Dodge Ball fundraiser
  4. Video of play practice
  5. Video of students getting their lunch
  6. Video of a sports team
  7. Video of Middle School Faculty vs. Students basketball game
  8. Video from inside the library

School Information

I like to use our Facebook Page as a resource for school information that our fans might not see posted in other places. This is also a great way to make your Fans aware of your other social media channels.

  1. Post recent schools news
  2. Post random sections of the official school website
  3. Post sports schedules
  4. Post lunch menu
  5. Post parent information
  6. Post location of student assignments
  7. Post college matriculation list
  8. Post course selection guide
  9. Post information about the annual fund
  10. Post alumni events
  11. Post alumni information
  12. Post alumni news
  13. Post important Tweets
  14. Post blog posts

Community Information

I would like our Fans to think of our Facebook Page as a resource for local information and current events.

  1. Post school news reported in the local newspaper
  2. Post local news related to the community
  3. Post local current events
  4. Post local educational information
  5. Post information from the local public library
  6. Post information from local magazines
  7. Post information from local TV stations
  8. Post local government information

National Information

I like posting national educational resources to help our school to be thought of as an educational authority.

  1. Post national educational issues
  2. Post educational articles from national news sources, i.e. NY Times
  3. Post information from national organizations, i.e. NAIS
  4. Post questions from educational forums

Although I've listed  53 things to post on your Facebook page please think of these items as only suggestions. I want you to take these and let your imagination run wild. If you have additional suggestions, please post them in my private Facebook group for school marketers called SchneiderB University.

About the author 

Brendan Schneider

Hey, I’m Brendan, and this is my blog. After 28 years working in private, independent schools in mostly admissions, enrollment, marketing, communications, and fundraising roles, I decided to make SchneiderB Media my full-time job, where I help schools get more inquiries through my Fractional Digital Marketer program. I also started the MarCom Society, a membership created expressly to help, support, and train marketing and communications professionals at schools.

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