9 Things To Do on LinkedIn

LinkedIn-Logo This is a guest post from Alyssa Clarke.

LinkedIn was created in 2002 as a social network for work professionals. The site is different from most of the social networking sites as members here mostly look actively for jobs or work-related content. Members not only search jobs, but also join work related groups, submit job applications and do similar job related or business related work. Recently the site has launched an iPad, iPhone, and Android Apps.

The huge potential of LinkedIn in the professional space is beyond doubt, and here are 9 Things To Do on LinkedIn for users who want to grow in their respective arenas.

1. Add profile photo

First impression being the last impression, it is better to have a decent picture on your profile. A professional and nice picture adds value to your profile, and it’s better to be clicked in formal business attire.

2. Add a nice headline

The recent look of Linkedin has reduced the top box’s size considerably, and hence the information visible in it has also reduced. Therefore, the headline and the remaining information have become extremely important. Promoting your brand by the headline within 120-characters is the best spot and option as well. Also considering keywords that might help find your profile for the headlines is a good idea.

3. Write a brief but rich summary

The reduced size of the top box has lent more importance and visibility to the summary section. The summary section is now above the fold and hence, the first few sentences have become utmost important. Therefore describing your current business activity, or job role and your credibility with power packed sentences adds punch to the profile.

4. “Contact information” use it as a card

The new look LinkedIn does not display the contact info scattered across the page, instead it now is summarized in the top box efficiently. The tab opens when clicked and is located right next to the profile picture. Add all the contact information that you access regularly, including your e-mail address, IM, address, Twitter, and so on.

5. Post statuses

Visibility of the profile increases on your connection’ home page, whenever your status is updated. Just like you update status in other networking sites, keep updating about your professional find or achievement for better visibility, but please do refrain from updating about personal life or stuff like that.

6. Add sections to your profile

Adding skills or achievements to your profile adds to the depth and versatility of your persona. So add sections like volunteer experience, foreign languages, and projects etc. to showcase your talent and versatility.

7. Explore LinkedIn applications

LinkedIn has a lot of applications and is adding more applications for usage by its members. Make sure to try them and enrich your profile with them. They not only give you advantages that you might not have known or thought, you might also get a new opening or opportunity due to the same.

8. Join and participate in groups

Most groups in LinkedIn are valuable. These groups and forums are the best place to get advice and knowledge from seasoned professionals, and will help you immensely in a professional sense.

9. Browse Safely

Most importantly, make sure that you change your LinkedIn password regularly, and keep it safe. Browse LinkedIn in secure browser and take other security measures necessary, some of which is also provided by the site. The reason for that being profiles in LinkedIn carry detailed information about you, and in the wrong hands it can be dangerous.


As this is a network for and of professionals, LinkedIn is an excellent place to promote small or medium business. It is also an excellent place for head hunting. To promote your business make sure to make a company page that gives a lot of visibility. Use description, logo, business location, services offered. Try to make it dynamic for better traffic and visibility. Keep networking with fellow industry professional, and similar other business, start a group, get recommendations from experts and clients, and make the page as you would love to make your company website.

Headhunters can also post jobs with description and other details, but most importantly, they can browse profiles matching their requirements and drop in a mail or message.

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