Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave

“Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave.”

~Indira Gandhi

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The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Analytics and How to Use Them

You probably already know how important it is to review your Pinterest analytics and to use what you learn to improve and adjust your Pinning strategy for the success of your Pinterest marketing. What you might be less sure of is how to interpret all the numbers and charts at your disposal both in Pinterest and Tailwind analytics.

It can be intimidating for sure, but stick with us – we’re about to take a look at some of the most important things to look at and identify impactful ways to incorporate what you learn into an even more successful Pinterest marketing strategy.

Facebook Usage Declines: What Does It Mean for Your Nonprofit’s Digital Strategy?

As we all know, in early January, Facebook announced some sweeping changes in the News Feed to prioritize content from friends and family and fewer updates from brands and news. The intent as described by Zuckerberg was to encourage meaningful interaction and ensure that time on Facebook was well spent.

The changes have also prompted nonprofits to reevaluate their digital strategies and make changes in strategies and tactics…

How to Create an Ebook From Start to Finish [Free Ebook Templates]

At age 11, I dreamed of being an editor at a major magazine. I even put together my first publication, Teen Scene Magazine, using colored construction paper, yarn, and in-depth feature interviews with … my dad.

Flash forward to today. I've swapped my colored construction paper and yarn for PowerPoint and InDesign. I've replaced my dad with marketing experts and influencers (in the office, that is). And week after week, I have the satisfaction of being an ebook creator.
But making an ebook can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to write the content, but you also need to design and format it into a professional-looking document that people will want to download and read. With lead generation being the top goal for content marketing, however, ebooks are an essential part of an successful inbound marketing program.

In this post, we'll walk you through the ins and outs of creating an ebook by, well, creating an ebook. And if you're worried about your lacking design skills, fret not …

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Instagram Stories: How Businesses Can Make the Most of Stories

Do you want to create more engaging and effective Instagram stories?

Are you using all of the Instagram Stories features available to you?

To explore how you can use the latest Stories features, I interview Sue B. Zimmerman.

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The #1 Reason Paid Ads (On Search, Social, and Display) Fail

Pouring money into a paid ad campaign that's destined to fail isn't a sound growth strategy. Time and again, companies breaking into online ads don't see success due to the same issue: they aren't known to their audiences. There's no trust, no recognition, and so the cost per click remains high and rising.

In this edition of Whiteboard Friday, Rand identifies the cycle many brands get trapped in and outlines a solution to make those paid ad campaigns worth the dollars you put behind them.

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QUESTION: Can anyone recommend any good courses/workshops/webinars on Google Adwords. I understand how to set it up, but honestly, I'm lost as far as interpreting data and making adjustments. I've tried to self-teach by reading resources, looking at YouTube, but I feel like I need an actual course, as opposed to piece-mealing info from various places. I'm normally pretty good at learning on m own, but with Adwords… *sigh* I'm raising the white flag! — looking for recommendations.


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