Getting the Most Out of Your Favorite Work Apps Using Evernote

Software applications (apps) have taken over our work lives. There are apps for our work email and calendar, chat tools for our team and even password security apps so we don’t have to remember our usernames or passwords.

For this reason, most of us are feeling a little overwhelmed with so many apps – and more than a little frustrated.

According to a study conducted by Techcrunch, smartphone owners use an average of 9 apps a day – and 30 per month. Almost two-thirds of respondents report feeling somewhat or very frustrated when they can’t find something they need when using online apps.

You might have experienced this frustration as well. You’ve got projects, deliverables, notes and conversations happening on many different apps. Your team might spend as much time managing the process, switching between tools and hunting down info as they spend actually doing the work.

All of this can cause stress. After all, success isn’t just about the results your team produces; it’s also about how efficiently you accomplish those tasks.

Evernote is a must-have tool for personal and business use. Whether it’s taking meeting notes, collecting content ideas or organizing paperwork, evernote is one of my favorite productivity tools. And with Spaces, the evernote Business feature designed to share projects and ideas with teams, you can easily connect the apps you already use to build a workflow that works for your team.

Here are 10 apps that work well with Evernote to save you time, energy and lower your stress level.

  1. Slack

Connect Slack to evernote and save important conversations or pull up relevant notes to instantly access your relevant communication, ideas and work. Whether it’s saving Slack chats to evernote or bringing up your notes right in Slack, you can avoid copying, pasting and app switching, all of which consumes your time.

For example, you could clip an entire conversation, saving it as a note in evernote that can then be pinned to your team’s space. Integrating the two tools – Slack and evernote – makes it easier to access share your ideas from one place.

Learn more about using evernote + Slack here

  1. Outlook

Email is a big part of everyone’s workday. We spend a lot of time in our inboxes, whether it’s responding to new messages or trying to find an email we received in the past.

Emails tend to get lost in the never-ending stream of conversation. And since they occur in a different app from the tools you are using to create and organize your documents and projects, there is a big disconnect. By connecting your evernote to Outlook, you can save important emails and easily share your notes, documents and other content.

Save your emails and attachments into the right notebook with relevant tags or additional remarks to make them easy to find later. Your emails will then appear as editable notes, making it handy for you to replicate or add to at a later time. This feature is especially handy for recurring emails, like status updates or weekly reports.

You can also attach a note saved in evernote to an email easily, saving you time and frustration because you can quickly find your note and save it as an attachment without having to switch apps.

Learn more about using evernote + Outlook here

  1. Google Drive

If your school uses the Google Drive suite, you can keep the files you create in context next to your notes and ideas in evernote. Drop docs, slides and sheets right into notes in your team’s space. For example, you could add the slide deck and budget spreadsheet you presented at a meeting to the note containing all your action items and whiteboard brainstorming.

With Spaces, you can add important files to a note and pin it in your team’s space so it’s always handy. The “What’s New” feature in evernote is an easy way to view recently added documents. I love that Google Drive files automatically update in evernote, so you don’t have to worry about saving an updated version to evernote. By using these two apps together, you can organize and track all of the details of your project, even if it doesn’t fit neatly into a single document.

Learn more about using evernote + Google Drive here

  1. Feedly Pro

Use Feedly Pro’s integration for evernote to save the best articles from your Feedly to your evernote notebooks. Once they are in evernote, you can organize them, add notes and attach files. Feedly automatically captures the full text of articles – even from partial feeds – when saved to evernote. And the integration works perfectly with evernote Business accounts so you can share with your team members.

Learn more about setting up Feedly + evernote here

Exclusive FREE Bonus: Download the pdf Getting the Most Out of Your Favorite Work Apps Using evernote to use now, to reference in the future, and to share with colleagues at your school.
  1. CoSchedule

 evernote note into WordPress for final editing, formatting and publishing. Then, I can add in my social media updates for the post and Click to Tweets.

Learn more about using evernote + CoSchedule here

  1. Pocket

I love saving blog posts and other content on the web to pocket. Using Pocket with evernote is a great way to have a clutter-free, paperless filing system. Pocket makes it easy to click off things you’ve read, and tags make it easy to find exactly the article you’re looking for. Then, if you want to save an article for future reference, send it to evernote. This way, evernote becomes more of a long-term yet uncluttered storage tool. You can either use the Send To feature in Pocket or you can set up an IFTTT recipe to simply and quickly send starred items to evernote.

While it may seem redundant to use both Pocket and evernote, if you save a lot of articles that you only need temporarily (say for a status update on social media or the next blog post), saving them to evernote and then deleting them takes more work than saving to Pocket and archiving them or making them disappear from the list. By saving to Pocket, it doesn’t clutter up evernote, where I save pages I want to reference later in the future.

To get started connecting Pocket to evernote, click here

  1. TaskClone

TaskClone instantly turns evernote checklists, note titles and reminders into tasks or events in your favorite productivity or project management apps, such as ToDoist, Google Calendar, Basecamp, Trello, Wunderlist and more.

evernote is great for capturing action items; TaskClone puts those items in your action tools where you can add due dates, reminders, assign duties and more. Collect tasks scattered throughout your evernote and create a streamlined workflow.

When you take meeting notes in evernote, you can use TaskClone to ensure your action items are not forgotten. Never lose context for your tasks as every task will be linked back to the original note. Schedule follow-up meetings in your calendar without leaving evernote.

Learn more about using TaskClone with evernote by clicking here

  1. Zapier

Zapier is an app that connects over 1,400 other apps to evernote, including MailChimp, Trello, Eventbrite, Stripe, Dropbox and many more. Zapier makes setting up automated workflows (called Zaps) easy and quick. Plus, you can set up multi-action Zaps to chain together as many actions as you want. For example, you can copy data from an app (like from Trello) into a new note, and then log the new note into a third app (like CoSchedule), all automatically. Your workflows become exponentially simpler, giving you more time to get things done.

Here are a few evernote integrations you can set up using Zapier:

  • Dropbox – access 30 Dropbox + evernote integrations including backing up your evernote notes to Dropbox, saving attachments on new evernote notes as Dropbox files, send Dropbox file to evernote automatically, create new evernote notes as text files in Dropbox and appending new Dropbox file data to notes in evernote.
  • Google Calendar – create Google Calendar events from evernote reminders, add notes to evernote for new Google Calendar events, and much more.
  • ToDoist – create Todoist tasks from new evernote reminders, append completed ToDoist tasks to an existing evernote note or create a new evernote Notebook each time you create a new ToDoist Project
  • Trello – create Trello cards from new evernote notes, create evernote notes from Trello cards, create Trello cards from evernote reminders, create new notes on evernote for new activity on Trello, and much more!
  • Pinterest – create evernote notes from Pinterest pins or append notes in evernote from new pins on Pinterest

Learn more about using Zapier to create evernote integrations here

  1. IFTTT

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a great way to get your apps connected with evernote. If you want to sync between apps, it’s easy with a the new note in a notebook trigger. If you want to be selective, you can use tags. A specific tag trigger fires when you add the tag to the note, not when the note is written. So you can draft something up, and work on it over time, and add your tag when you’re ready to share.

Here are some examples:

  • Automatically send a note to a chat app
  • Sync new notes in a notebook to Google Drive
  • Send new notes to a Slack channel with you tag them with “Team”
  • Create a text file in Dropbox when you give a note a specific tag
  • Add a to-do to an evernote note when there’s a new card assigned to you in Trello
  • Automatically add new tasks with a specific label from ToDoist to evernote
  • Create a note by telling it to Google Assistant
  • Create a note when an event is added to a specific iOS Calendar
  • Automatically create a note in evernote when a new event is added to your Google Calendar

Learn more about using IFTTT with evernote by clicking here

  1. DocuSign

We all have documents that need signatures from multiple parties, and that’s where the DocuSign and evernote integration comes in. You can set up evernote as a document source in DocuSign, import documents to get legally binding signatures and then put those documents back into evernote once completed.

Learn more about using DocuSign with evernote by clicking here

I hope you are able to use these evernote integrations to make it easier for you manage your workload experience and less stress at work.

What are your favorite evernote app integrations? Please share with the rest of the school marketing community by commenting below.

Exclusive FREE Bonus: Download the pdf Getting the Most Out of Your Favorite Work Apps Using evernote to use now, to reference in the future, and to share with colleagues at your school.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for some of these resources which means that, at no cost additional to you, I make a commission if you purchase via my link.

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