How to Think About Blog Topics For Your School

blog-topics-for-school Blogging for your school should be a central component of the inbound marketing strategy for your school.

The issue becomes after you've launched your school's blog, is what should you blog about?

While I've suggested specific blog topics for your school: 15 Blog Topics For Your School and 15 More Blog Topics For Your School, my hope with this post is to take a step back and have you think in more general terms about selecting blog topics for your school.

Take A Step Back

While I suggest that you use my 30 blog topic suggestions as jumping off points for choosing effective blog topics I want you to understand the types of blog posts that I think are most successful.

When we launched our school blog almost two years ago, we did so as part of our inbound marketing strategy. Our primary goal with the blog is to help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and as such, we try to generate inbound links, views, comments, and ultimately, new inquiries. Our secondary goal is to identify our school as a thought-leader in the region as well as the K-12 independent school community.

With these goals in mind we tried a number of different blog topics and listed below are a few successful ones and a few not so successful posts:


How to Make a Homemade Volcano

A Teacher’s Interest in Pinterest

How To Build A Catapult

5 Things To Do Before You Apply For Financial Aid

College Guidance: 5 Best Tips & Practices

Not Successful

Knockin’ on Seven’s Door

In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee WINS!

See the Film … Save a Life


Please learn from our mistakes. The blog posts which were unsuccessful were self-promotional (Knockin' On Seven's Door was promoting our Annual Auction) or news releases promoting activities on campus.

The blog posts which were successful occupied one of two categories – they were either educational and/or entertaining. The successful posts mentioned above all earned my school inbound links, comments, and views. These are the type of posts which we will focus more on for this upcoming school year, and I hope you will do the same.

Let's Help Each Other

Using my thoughts above as a guide can you share blog topics that have worked for you in the past or one's which you think might work for you in the future.


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