If It Scares You, It Might Be A Good Thing To Try

If It Scares You, It Might Be A Good Thing To Try

“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.”

~Seth Godin

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The Complete Starter Guide To Tumblr Marketing

Are you unsure about how to use Tumblr? Would you like some tips to help you get started with Tumblr marketing?

Many people don’t know that there are over 420 million Tumblr users. That is more than the number of users on networks like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Tumblr is also accumulating many new users as it continues to grow at a rapid pace. The active user base publishes over 59 million posts every day.

3 Secrets to Writing Perfect Copy for Your School Website Page

OK, so you’ve debated, discussed and deliberated among your administrative team. It’s been decided your new school website will have a prospect focus. You recognize that a prospect-focused website is the first impression prospective parents encounter when they start looking for schooling options for their children.

You also recognize that web copy has a special function that regular copy doesn’t have; the job of web copy is to get people to do something. The content of your website pages has the potential power to end the visitor’s window shopping and convert them into leads.

10 Marketing Tips from Father of Marketing David Ogilvy

There are plenty of tips for the modern marketer in these quotes from David Ogilvy, one of the most influential marketing minds of all time.   

7 Powerful Social Media Experiments That Grew Our Traffic by 241% in 8 Months

If you’ve asked this before… “How can we get more visitors to our website?” … You’re certainly not alone, as increasing traffic is often the number one problem faced by marketers today. The bad news? Saying “get more traffic” is easier said than done. You could write guest posts (Leo wrote 150 articles in 9 months when Buffer first launched), optimize for SEO traffic, or drive visitors through social media. The options are endless.

6 Productivity Tools for Twitter

Are you struggling to keep up with your Twitter activities? Looking for a way to streamline your Twitter marketing? The right productivity tools will help you manage your Twitter marketing more effectively and free up your time for other tasks.

Instagram is About to Change in a Huge Way: A Facebook Style News Feed is Coming

Instagram is about to change in a massive way. The photo and video sharing app is taking a page from Facebook and testing an algorithm based timeline. This means that photos and videos shared to Instagram will no longer appear in chronological order and will instead appear based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content and your relationship with the person posting.

Get Your Tweets Noticed: 11 Engagement Myths BUSTED!

Does it seem like nobody is listening to you on Twitter?

7 Amazingly Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics

As companies adopt inbound marketing as a way to generate more leads, the importance of having an effective lead nurturing strategy becomes very clear. In most cases only a relatively small percentage of your inbound leads will be ready to make an immediate purchase, leaving upwards of 90% of your inbound leads on the table.


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