New Year's ResolutionRecently, while visiting with some neighbors who work out at a local health club, they complained about increased club usage with all the people trying to get fit as part of their New Year’s Resolutions. One neighbor brought it home for me though when she said, “They’ll only last to March.” With the hope that my New Year’s Resolutions will make it past March, I thought I would post them on my blog with the hope that if they become public I will be, at the very least, guilted into making them a reality. What follows are my professional New Year’s Resolutions as they relate to my blog:

#1 Increase My E-Mail List

I currently have a number of people subscribed to my mailing list but want to make a push to increase the number of subscribers. I don’t have any specific plans for the list yet but think that it is something I should begin working on now.

#2 Write An E-book

I’ve had this as a goal for a while now and 2011 is the year I need to complete it. My reason for writing an e-book is three fold: 1. To complete the process for the sake of the process, 2. Share my knowledge in the hopes that someone will find it useful, and 3. Make a few dollars to cover the cost of this blog or add to my e-mail list.

#3 Open To Guest Bloggers

I’ve been blogging now for ten months at and think it’s time to allow other people to share their ideas on the blog. I will be launching my guest posting option soon and hope that people associated with schools who want to share information about social media, technology, branding, or inbound marketing take me up on my offer.

#4 Create A “Best Of” Page

I hope to create a list of my best blog posts in order for people new to the site to get a quick read of what content you can find on

#5 Redesign

I’ve been thinking about redesigning my blog for a while now but am not sure what path or direction I’d like to take. I’ve now got 2011 to think about it so we’ll see where it goes.

Hear’s to a wonderful 2011 and Happy New Year to all.

Creative Commons License photo credit: amandabhslater

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