Productivity is Never an Accident - SchneiderB Weekend Update

Productivity is Never an Accident  - SchneiderB Weekend Update

How much time do you think about organization or time-management?

I actually think about it all the time, seriously!

I’m busy, you’re busy, and tasks aren’t being taking away from us. Quite the opposite, I keep adding projects and tasks and I am being expected, and expect myself, to complete more.

I think that leaves me with two choices: 1. Become overwhelmed and don’t get done what I need to get done or, 2. Get better at managing my time, prioritize my tasks, accomplish more, and get stuff done.

I pick #2.

I believe that being organized and being able to manage your time is a learned skill – I don’t believe that you’re born “with it.” The first step to becoming more organized is to make it a priority and work at becoming better organized.

My success at being organized and getting more things done all began when I read the “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” by David Allen and implemented his ideas and system into my daily, weekly, and monthly life.

Are you ready to start getting more done? Read this.

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