McDonogh Works Alumni Podcast with Jason Schwartzberg

Welcome to Episode 21! Today’s guest is Jason Schwartzberg. Jason wears many hats, which you’ll hear about during the episode. The hat he wears on today’s episode is the host of his own podcast, McDonogh Works Podcast. Jason is an alumnus of the McDonogh School, a private school located just outside of Baltimore that was founded in 1873.

Jason owns an energy company located in Baltimore, Maryland that is focused on reducing operating expenses for commercial real estate owners. He is also the President of the Alumni Association for McDonogh School. In that capacity, he hosts a podcast where he interviews other alumni of McDonogh. He gets their stories, life lessons and asks a lot of great questions.

I’m very impressed with the content of the McDonogh Works Podcast and super interested in this idea, so I knew I had to share it with the school marketing community. I know you’re really going to enjoy this conversation.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover

  • How the McDonogh Works Alumni Podcast began
  • The concept and goals behind McDonogh Works Alumni Podcast
  • How the McDonogh Works Alumni program links with entrepreneurship
  • How often Jason publishes the McDonogh Works Alumni Podcast
  • How the podcast removes barriers and casts a wide net to as many people as possible
  • How the McDonogh Works Alumni Podcast helps to re-engage alumni with the school and familiarize them with what the school is like now in 2019
  • How the podcast has helped the school in other ways besides connecting alumni and promoting philanthropy
  • The basic outline of the podcast episodes
  • How the power of the podcast is in learning from each other
  • The importance of having a catalog, a known and repeatable release pattern and working the kinks out before doing a huge promotional push
  • How Jason finds the guests for the podcast
  • Behind-the-scenes technical details (editing, length, etc.)
  • The very first app Jason used to record the podcast
  • The best way to find someone to manage a podcast
  • Future goals for the podcast

Items mentioned in this episode include

Links and resources mentioned in this episode

How to find today’s guest

Jason Schwartzberg, President of Alumni, McDonogh School

Jason Schwartzberg LinkedIn

McDonogh Works Alumni Podcast Soundcloud

Jason’s Bio

For the past 13 years, Jason has played an integral role in making energy marketing, real estate development and economic endeavors successful. Having spent a decade in the banking and real estate industries, Jason identified the need for an energy company that could help the real estate community reduce energy spend to maximize profitability. He is the visionary and co-founder behind MD Energy Advisors and

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