SBfm18 – Communication Plans with James Collins

Welcome to Episode 17 where my guest is James Collins. James is a Regional Director at School Admin, where for the last 7 years he’s worked with a variety of admissions offices. James has managed anywhere from 10+ admissions offices to one-person shows. He is a leader in best practices as they relate to enrollment management.

Our topic today is communication plans. A communication plan is a plan from first inquiry to enrollment, and the touchpoints along the way. The communication plan is how you communicate with families to move them from Point A to Point B. Also, we talk about the technology.

Today’s podcast topic is near and dear to my heart, something I’ve talked about for years. I really enjoyed my conversation with James; I know you’re going to enjoy what he has to say and the information he has to share.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover

  • Other names for a Communications Plan, such as an Inquiry Path or Prospective Student or Family Journey
  • An in-depth focus on inquiries and applicants in your school’s funnel
  • How to send the right message to the right person at the right time
  • How to develop a plan from the first time a family is aware of your school until they enroll
  • Why having a communication plan is so important
  • Why having pre-defined steps that are easily set and communicated with the family will help your school
  • Why taking the time to have a pre-fined plan is worth the time and effort
  • Is a communications plan more than lead nurturing emails?
  • How specific you should be with a communications plan
  • What types of communication are most effective
  • The difference between informational and interest-based communication
  • Why EVERY school should be developing these types of communications plans
  • How to create a plan – next steps
  • How – and why – to use a variety of media for your communications plan
  • How to use a video in your communications plan
  • An example of a communication plan
  • How technology supports a communication plan
  • How technology has trickled down to K-12 admissions offices
  • How automation can play a role for marketing your school
  • Why automation is not cold and impersonal
  • The importance of setting triggers throughout the sales funnel process
  • How to leverage technology to maintain personal interactions with families
  • How to leverage technology to get more done
  • A positive impact of this process is getting people from different departments on the same page and communicating about the marketing process
  • Why you should start with a simple process at first
  • How to keep your process simple
  • Why you should blend different types of messages
  • Why you shouldn’t compare your school’s reality today to another school’s reality today.
  • Why you should just get started with a communication plan
  • Why new technology can be very helpful for your school

Items mentioned in this episode include

Exclusive FREE Bonus: Download the Communication Plans Resources to reference in the future and/or share with colleagues at your school.

How to find today’s guest:

James Collins, Regional Director, SchoolAdmin

Twitter: @jmcollins

Email: [email protected]

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