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A blog – short for weblog – is simply an online repository of short-form content. These short (ideally 600 or more words) articles are known as blog posts.

Schools That Blog for Marketing

Blogging is a required part of any inbound marketing strategy and is a great way to help reinforce your school's brand, help with search engine optimization (SEO), and, ultimately, attract prospective families to your school.

Some people may think blogging is a thing of the past, but schools that blog are as popular as ever with internet users. According to OptinMonster (updated for 2022), 77 percent of internet users visit blogs, so blogging is definitely something your school should be doing regularly.

Benefits of Schools That Blog for Instructors

Teachers appreciate blogging for their own professional development. They are able to share their teaching experiences or new ideas. In addition, teachers are able to share teaching resources, such as software and educational tools.

Benefits of Schools That Blog for Students

Students love blogging! They love the opportunity to express their own creativity and self-expression. Blogging promotes analytical thinking on the part of the student and improves their writing skills.

What Should My School Blog About?

Before you start blogging, you need to understand the purpose of blogging. Most school that blog are used to sharing news stories, but the idea of a blog is not to focus on school news, but to share information families care about.

Schools that blog are using blogs in an amazing array of ways. I've seen blogs used as:

  • a mini-website,
  • a classroom enhancement that provides links to resources, assignments, and information,
  • a place to create and manage student blogs,
  • a showcase for student work,
  • a professional educator blog,
  • a library blog,
  • to facilitate group collaboration and projects,
  • for the educator's digital portfolio,
  • educator's professional development,
  • educational thought leadership,
  • for inbound marketing, among others.

Once you identify who your target audience is and what they care about, it’s easy to come up with potential blog topics. Prospective families care about their children’s education and they want to make the best decision possible for their child and family. Typical inquiries include “Why should my child attend private school?” and “Is private school worth the investment?” and “What is the difference between a private school and a public school?”

A good source of blog topics can come from your admissions team, who likely field a variety of questions every day.

Read more: 50 Captivating Blog Topics for Schools

Back in October 2015 – and more recently in the SchneiderB University Facebook Group – I asked for examples of schools that blog. In the interest of sharing with each other (and hopefully promoting each other) here is a list of the responses from schools that blog that I've received so far.

  1. Whitby School
  2. Iowa Mennonite School
  3. The Cambridge School
  4. Lakeland Christian School
  5. Maclay School
    1. Head of School Blog
    2. Student and Teacher Contributions
  6. Durham Academy Head of School Blog “Heads Up”
  7. Fort Bend Christian Academy
  8. Powhatan School
  9. Reading Blue Coat School
  10. Bryanston School
  11. The Steward School
    1. Thought Leadership
    2. News
  12. Lawrence School
  13. Hudson Montessori School
  14. Poughkeepsie Day School
  15. Deerfield Windsor School
  16. Cornerstone Prep
    1. Marketing & School Information
    2. Family Connection & Updates
  17. Spartanburg Day School
  18. The Philadelphia School
  19. Lowell School
  20. Princeton Montessori School
  21. Summit School
  22. Westminster Academy
  23. Loudoun School for the Gifted
    1. Deep Dive
    2. Academic
  24. Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School
    1. Head of School
    2. Guest Blogger
  25. Odyssey Day School
  26. Sparhawk School
  27. Sage Hill School
  28. The Miami Valley School
  29. Mission Hills Christian School
  30. Grand River Academy
  31. Calvin Christian School 
  32. The American School in Switzerland (TASIS)
  33. Kingsway College School
  34. Trinity Episcopal School
  35. Friends’ Central School
  36. Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy
  37. Fort Worth Academy
  38. Oostburg School District
    1. District Superintendent
    2. High School Principal
    3. Middle School Principal
    4. Elementary School Principal
  39. Liberty Christian School
  40. Wardlaw-Hartridge School
  41. Sewickley Academy
If you are a school that blogs please add a link to your school's blog in the comments section below. Thanks!

Originally published January 4, 2017, 6:00 AM, updated February 15, 2022

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