Should Schools Bother With Instagram?

This is a guest post by Mike Leembruggen – Mike is an online marketing enthusiast, having started as an I.T support officer in a school, and then to running his own digital agency, he now offers marketing advice and software development services to schools and universities across the globe.

Mike LeembruggenShould Schools Bother With Instagram?

The question begs for whether school marketing directors should bother putting time and effort into the newer social media platforms popping up each year. As we all know, a school marketing director’s time is precious, and dabbling in new social platforms is generally not on top of the to-do list.

The answer to that question is answered simply with another question. Is your target market on Instagram?

The age old marketing adage rings in my ears here: “Go where your customers are”.

Here’s a quick look at the stats on Instagram.

  • 200 Million monthly active users
  • 13% of all internet users
  • 51% of 2014 high school graduates use Instagram daily
  • 23% of US teens consider Instagram their favorite social network
  • 85% increase in global usage among teens from Q1 – Q3 last year
  • 34% of US teens and millennials (14 – 34) use Instagram

Those stats show a huge up-trend in usage amongst teenagers, but also a growing interest from millennials. Right now, it is the younger crowd that are using Instagram, so alumni campaigns are a good option.

There is another benefit to using Instagram. Obviously photos are a great marketing tool for a school but often times it’s difficult to collect photos from staff members, or have someone dedicated to taking photos, and then uploading in a timely manner.

Well now, with the help of dropbox, you can have your staff members, students, alumni etc. all contributing photos to the school and easily be able to moderate which photo’s actually get published to the school Instagram account.

To find out more about that, check out the post on Online Marketing For Schools about moderating from Dropbox to Instagram.

Taking Instagram even further, you can also automatically post your Instagram photos to Twitter and Facebook with the help of another cloud service called IFTTT (If this then that).

Now you don’t have to worry about manually uploading to multiple social channels. Here’s the link to my shared recipe for automatically posting Instagram photos to Twitter as native Twitter pictures.


I hope that helps make Instagram a little more conducive to your workflow. At the current rate Instagram is growing it won’t be long before it’s not an option to not be on Instagram.

If your school is on Instagram why did you decide to use this social media channel for your school?

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