Top 10 Blog Posts of 2021

The end of the calendar year is always a time to celebrate, reflect, evaluate, iterate, and plan for the future. My Full Focus Planner has been a huge help for me in this regard because it’s built to force you to review and reflect.

With this blog, I always take some time at the end of the year to evaluate what kind of content you enjoy the most by reviewing my Google Analytics. These are the top 10 blog posts of 2021 based upon total page views.

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2021

  1. 50 Captivating Blog Topics for Schools
  2. How to Write a Script for Your School Marketing Videos
  3. 36 Video Topics That Will Generate More Views & Engagement for Your School
  4. The Ultimate Guide for Growing Your School’s Instagram Following
  5. How to Conduct a Social Media Audience Analysis for Your School
  6. 8 Reasons Why I Love Canva
  7. 27 Video Marketing Ideas for School Marketers
  8. Instagram Aesthetic Trend #6 – Photography + Emoji Combo
  9. 10 Ways Students Can Use Social Media Effectively
  10. Create Better Calls-to-Action for Your School Marketing Campaigns

What was your favorite blog post of 2021? Please share your favorite in this post in the Facebook Group.

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