Twitter Content Ideas For Schools

After you've begun using Twitter for your school you might be struggling with what you should tweet. I had the same dilemma after we created the Twitter account for my school so I developed the 75/25/1 Twitter content rule.

Let me give you a little background – everything that I've read about tweeting as an individual says that in order to be effective on Twitter you should follow these guidelines:

  • Tweet around a specific focus
  • Share content that will be valuable to your followers
  • Retweet other people – the old adage “it's better to give than receive” works well on Twitter
  • Connect with people with your similar focus
  • Don't be self-promotional all the time

Let me use my own Twitter account, @SchneiderB, as an example:

  • I tweet about social media, technology, branding, and inbound marketing for schools
  • I attempt to share Twitter content that I read on the web about the topics in my specific focus
  • I try to retweet others often in order to make connections but also because I follow people who also tweet about my specific focus and they share interesting content
  • I try to connect with other people on Twitter every day
  • I try to only self-promote 25% of the time and share information not about me 75% of the time

Twitter Content For Your School

Believing what I do about tweeting for yourself – I decided that when it was time to tweet for my school I would change the rules a little bit. Let me compare a school to the guidelines I mentioned above:

  • A school is it's own specific focus but I also include the local/greater community
  • I try to share content that the many different constituencies would find valuable coming from the official school Twitter account
  • I try to retweet other people as often as it's appropriate
  • I try to connect with other people, organizations, and community members as often as possible on Twitter
  • When it comes to self-promotion this is where I think a school's Twitter account can turn the personal guidelines on their head. I believe this because people follow a school account already having a pretty good sense that they will receive information specific to the school. As a result, I try to follow the 75/25/1 rule when tweeting for my school. I tweet about school specific information 75% of the time, non-school specific information 25% of the time, and I try to connect with at least 1 person a day using the school's Twitter account.

Examples of Twitter Content For Your School

Here are a few examples of the types of Twitter content you can tweet for your school following the 75/25/1 rule.

75 Percent of Your Twitter Content Should Not Be Related to Your School

  • Blog posts
  • Recent news
  • Sports scores
  • Picture of the day
  • Student of the day
  • Video of the day
  • Homeroom of the month
  • Lunch menu
  • Calendar events

25 Percent of Your Twitter Content Should Not Be Related to Your School

  • Education articles
  • Local news
  • Local weather
  • Local events
  • Education quotes
  • Professional development items

1 Connection a Day

I typically look for a way to interact with a person on Twitter, using the school Twitter account, by responding to a tweet, retweeting someone and adding a comment, or asking a question.

We've been happy with the results of our school's Twitter account as a part of our inbound marketing efforts and by following the 75/25/1 rule. I'm sure you will achieve similar results.

Originally published February 9, 2012, 4:00 AM, updated February 8, 2022.

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