Using an Infographic for Independent School Marketing


This guest post was written by Torrey Olins, Director of Communication and Marketing, Sage Hill School.

As Sage Hill’s Director of Communications and Marketing, I am always interested in new ways to market the school to prospective families. In particular, because Sage Hill School is located in a community that is known for a strong public school system, it is important for us to highlight the differentiators that make Sage Hill School the finest college preparatory option in our area.

As a fan of social media, I became aware of the increasing popularity of using an infographic for marketing to convey information in a quick, attractive, and easily understandable manner. This format met my needs for a fresh approach to demonstrate the achievements and differentiators of Sage Hill School to prospective families, as well as reinforcing the value of the school for our currently enrolled families. I conducted an extensive search on the internet but I could not find any other high schools (independent or public) that had created such a document. I was excited for Sage Hill School to be one of the first high schools (possibly the first) to utilize an infographic for marketing!

Infographic for Marketing

The response to the infographic from current and prospective families has been impressive.  Sage Hill School has always been an innovator in its educational program; this year we are pleased to educate families about Sage Hill School through the use of an innovative communication tool.I worked with a local advertising agency, O’leary and Partners, to design an infographic to show Sage Hill School’s mission, differentiators, college placement record, and a brief school history. The infographic uses our school color palate and is similar to the look and feel of our other, more traditional, print pieces. We have a folded print version of the infographic to hand out at local high school admission fairs and at our Admission Open House and Parent Coffees. An electronic version is reproduced on the school website ( and was posted on our school Facebook page ( Sage Hill School’s Head of School, Gordon McNeill, and the Director of Admission, Elaine Mijalis-Kahn,  were so pleased with the print version of the infographic that they asked for a reproduction of the infographic on large retractable banners (7’x3’) to use at admission events, Back to School night, and around campus.



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