Using Students To Create Video For Your School

using-students-create-video-for-schoolVideo should be a part of your school’s inbound marketing strategy. I do realize, however, that creating video for your school can be hard to do because of a lack of resources. I tried to address that lack of resources when I wrote, “3 Ways To Create Video For Your School,” by suggesting that you can use your smart phone, students, or even photos, to create compelling videos for your school.

I wanted to share a video that we recently launched created entirely by a student. I gave her a ton of creative license and didn’t put many restrictions on her except:

  • Keep the video short
  • Keep the video authentic – nothing could be staged or reheresed
  • Create the video with a student audience in mind (My thought was that a video created for students would appeal to students and parents alike while a video created for only adults would only appeal to adults.)
  • The video should answer the question: “What do you love about Sewickley Academy‘s Lower School?”
After you watch the video let me know what you think by sharing your thoughts in the comments section following this post.

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