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A Virtual Conference To Help You Become A Better School Marketer!


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Can't attend live? No worries! ALL registrants will receive access to the video recordings.

Why the VirCon?

I launched the first VirCon three years ago after I heard the same complaints from school marketers:  

  • “Most conferences are too expensive for my budget.”
  • “There is no specific track for marketing and communications.”
  • “I can’t attend every session and feel like I’m missing too much.”
  • “I can’t afford professional development for my staff and for me.”
  • “How am I supposed to improve my skills as a marketer?”  

I knew there had to be a better way!  

While in-person conferences are fantastic for networking, they are not a great value for learning. I love networking as much as the next person but in the end, networking isn’t going to make you a better marketer, and it certainly isn’t going to attract new students to your school.

I was once told, “Try and take one to two ideas from each conference and that will be a successful conference.”

My issue is that, if you add up the cost of airfare, Uber/Lyft rides, hotel rooms, conference registrations, food, alcohol (while you’re networking), and gifts for your family, it could cost your school and/or you thousands of dollars for two ideas.

That formula doesn’t add up anymore!  

The VirCon was created to bring you the best school marketing experts and have them teach you how to attract new students and retain current students using the internet and social media all at the best possible value!

What makes the VirCon6 different from other conferences?  

1. Action. Not Theory.  

No boring talking heads here! These are new presentations conducted by experts who will teach and share their knowledge. You'll leave with actionable tips that you can begin using the day after watching the presentations.  

2. Learning ALL Year  

You'll have access to the presentation recordings forever. You can review the recordings again and again.

3. Incredible Value

No expensive registration fees, airfare, hotel costs, food, and drink. For one low price you, and your team, have access to incredible professional development training.

4. Professional Development for You AND Your Team

With your registration, you can share the recordings with any member of your team.

5. Interactive Learning

You’ll be able to ask questions of the presenters during the live presentations and in the private “pop-up” Facebook Group.  

Can I Let You In On A Secret?  

I love learning. As a result, the presenters I invite to teach are people that I selfishly want to learn from. I can’t even begin to tell you all of the things I’ve learned in the past VirCons that I’ve put into practice. These presentations include actionable tips that you and your team can begin to implement the day after the VirCon!  

I invite you to join us and learn together! Click on the button to become a better marketer.

What People Are Saying About The VirCon

Sandy Johnson VirCon6 Testimonial

Sandy Johnson - Director of Marketing & Communication, Lakeland Christian School, FL

"I’ve done two VirCons through SchneiderB Media. If you’re involved in any part of school marketing, you need to sign up for VirCon6 today. Then you need to go online and purchase access to all of the previous VirCon content as well! Brendan gathers a group of experts in their fields to present a wide variety of sessions full of invaluable information and real-life examples from schools around the country. The best part is that you can watch the sessions live (from the comfort of your own home or office), and then you can access the videos in the future when you need a refresher."

Chuck Bankoff - Director of Web Services,

"VirCon has become a staple in my school marketing toolkit. It’s where some of the best school marketers in the country come to share what’s been working for their enrollment and retention programs.  

As a school marketer myself, I appreciate the diverse subjects that are covered throughout the day. I don’t run a school, I run a company that helps schools with their enrollment marketing. I use the recorded sessions as part of our Friday Lunch & Learn series to keep my team up-to-date with industry trends to better help our clients with their enrollment strategies.  

If you don’t plan on attending VirCon this year, better hope the other schools in your area don’t either."

Chuck Bankoff VirCon6

Rebekah Peterson VirCon6 Testimonial

Rebekah Peterson - Director of Marketing and Communications, Minnehaha Academy, MN

"Brendan Schneider pulls together the top thought leaders in independent school marketing for deep dives into strategy and trends, helping our school's messaging stay relevant in an ever-changing marketplace."

Emily Cretella - Owner, Strategist & Copywriter, Cursive Content Marketing

"VirCon is an excellent way to stay connected with the latest marketing trends and expert insights without having to leave your home or office! I've enjoyed being part of past VirCons and have found tremendous value in both the content and the conversation. It's a fantastic resource for all school marketers." 

Emily Cretella VirCon6 Testimonial

Laura Korotikin VirCon6 Testimonial

Laura Korotkin - Communications and Social Media Manager, Detroit Country Day School, MI

"I have found each VirCon event packed with useful information and equal in value to that of a three-day conference but without the travel and extra expense! Speakers are very knowledgeable and generous with their expertise. I would recommend the VirCon series to any independent school admissions, marketing, and communications practitioners."

Included with the VirCon6...

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9 expert training presentations with actionable tips

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Access for you AND your entire team

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Watch the presentations again and again all year long

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Lifetime access to the recorded presentations

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Access to "pop-up" private Facebook group for participants

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Ability to ask questions live and in the Facebook group

About Your Instructors

Andreas Marinopoulos VirCon6

Andrew Marinopoulos - Co-Founder, Enrollhand

After a long and draining decade helping Big Pharma sell more drugs through advanced sales and marketing strategies, I decided to do some good in the world. Four years ago, my brother and I founded Enrollhand to provide school marketing services to a growing community of over 100 schools nationwide. The Enrollhand System is refreshingly different than other marketing agencies in that, recognizing how busy school administrators are, we actually do most of the work for you.

Andy Lynch - President and CEO, North Star Marketing

With the ink barely dry on his diploma, Andy Lynch founded North Star Marketing in 2000. The firm took on its first education client in 2001. Today North Star serves businesses and schools nationwide, providing consulting, message development, branding, website development, and online marketing. Andy’s team recently launched Via, an online marketing calendar and project collaboration tool. A little-known fact, Andy helped stage the world’s largest pillow fight (1,036 people at Duke University). The record was walloped a month later by the University of Warwick, Coventry, England. Andy and his wife, Sheryl, live in Mebane, NC, and have three children - Lucy, Hudson, and Asher. 

Andy Lynch VirCon6

Trivinia Barber VirCon6

Trivinia Barber - Founder, Priority VA (Virtual Assistant)

Trivinia Barber is the founder of Priority VA -- a boutique, remote staffing firm that got tired of seeing hard-working, big-hearted online entrepreneurs get overwhelmed and burnt out while scaling their business to the next level. 

Through her intensive, hand-picked recruitment process, and in-house skill development, Trivinia guarantees that her roster of world-class clients (Mike Kim, Social Media Examiner, Todd Herman etc.) get served only by elite-level assistants equal to the demands of a quickly growing online business. (and who won’t need 50 hours of onboarding just to “get” what you’re trying to do).

Her expert insights on outsourcing, recruitment, and task management have been featured on over 40 top-ranked marketing podcasts (including Entrepreneur on Fire) and some of the biggest entrepreneurial stages (Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year Live, Influence & Impact & Amy Porterfield’s B-School Experience and Puerto Rico Masterminds among others).

Dana Nelson-Isaacs - Founder and President, DNI Consulting

Dana has twenty years of experience working within and between all levels of administration and community stakeholders regarding a range of topics including enrollment management, communication, marketing, and parent and student satisfaction.

In addition to on-the-ground experience working within schools in various admission and marketing roles, Dana is an expert in market research, enrollment feasibility studies and strategic enrollment management projects. Additionally, she has led projects as a consultant in areas including parent satisfaction, admission office efficiencies, staff coaching,, and exit interviewing.

Dana Nelson-Isaacs VirCon6

Tim McDonough, VirCon6

Tim McDonough - Director of Client Success, Finalsite 

Tim is a frequent writer and national presenter on social media, school marketing, online admissions trends, and web strategy. He worked in higher education and independent school admissions for fifteen years before joining Finalsite. He is now the Director of Client Success at Finalsite, a company providing innovative web solutions for more than 2000 schools in 70 countries. He is also a dad, runner, and Celtics fan who is passionate about his family, music, and coffee.

Andy Traub - Tech Concierge, Take Permission Media Network

Andy teaches thought leaders affordable and practical methods for sharing their messages with the world. He will kill your excuses and empower you to finally ship your ideas without wasting money in the process. He lives outside Nashville, Tennessee and collaborates with industry leaders like Jon Acuff, Michael Hyatt, Crystal Paine, Jeff Goins, Ray Edwards, Dan Miller, and many more. 

Andy Traub - VirCon6

Chuck Bankoff VirCon6

Chuck Bankoff - Director of Web Services, Kreative Webworks 

Chuck is a Digital Marketing strategist that focuses specifically on digital enrollment techniques for schools since 2011. He and his team at Kreative Webworks work with Private schools, Charters, Trade schools and colleges on their SEO, Social Media strategies, lead nurturing and web development. 

Chuck is HubSpot and SharpSpring certified (as is most of his team) and is co-author of the book “DIGITAL MINDS” 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know about Digital Marketing. Chuck lives in Southern California, but works with schools from coast to coast.  

Mitchell Dong - Marketing Specialist, Social Media Examiner

Mitchell Dong has served on the Advancement team of The Cambridge School—a start-up, classical school in San Diego—for the last 7 years. As the Director of Marketing and Communications at such a young school (who just graduated their first class in 2018) Mitch had the unique experience of planning/overseeing and producing/executing Cambridge's strategic marketing initiatives. In addition to his work in education, Mitch also serves his local church and companies like Social Media Examiner with his communication and video expertise. He is thrilled to learn from and share with the growing community of independent schools who desire to communicate with more clarity and integrity in an effort to better serve their families and the community at large. 

Mitchell Dong VirCon6

Campus Suite VirCon6

Steve Williams - Co-founder and VP of Marketing and Jay Cooper - Marketing Director and Content Strategist, Campus Suite

Campus Suite co-founder and VP of marketing Steve Williams brings more than 20 years of experience in designing and building websites for schools and colleges – large and small, public and private. Steve's mantra focuses on creating "powerful connections" through content tools that are easy to use, and design that's easy to access.  

Jay Cooper is the marketing director and content strategist for Campus Suite. A former journalist and school public relations specialist, he has helped businesses, schools and colleges use the power of web communications to improve their image, generate support, and optimize relationships.

Try A Sample Lesson

How to Use Webinars to Market Your School

During the VirCon1, I conducted a session about how to use webinars in your school marketing. The video on the right is an excerpt of the teaching portion of that webinar I conducted during that first VirCon.

“What if I can't attend the live VirCon6?”

You don't have to be present for the live presentation to get all the benefits from this awesome training. Enroll and watch the replay videos at your convenience - you'll receive all 9 presentation recordings. I know your life is busy, and I designed the VirCon6 to work within your schedule. 

Presentation Schedule

  • 8:00 am EST Andrew Marinopoulos  

"How A Failed School Tour Turned Into The Best Performing Facebook Ads Campaign Ever"

A story about a family that inquired at one of our partner schools and requested a tour, then decided to cancel the tour. Most schools would leave it at that. We reached out 3 times to get feedback and finally received valuable insight into the reason for the tour cancelation. Unfortunately, the family had enrolled elsewhere so we did not get the chance to address their concern. Looking back into the competitive research and persona we had crafted, the insight made absolute sense (in retrospect). Listen to this story and find out how to survey inquiring parents and how to use the data in your marketing. I will be sharing the processes, tools and templates we used!

  • 9:00 am EST Andy Traub

"How To Do Facebook Live Affordably and Effectively, Even If You Hate Being On Camera"

There is no greater cultural influencer than Facebook. While your students aren't on Facebook as much as they used to be, their parents are, and they are who you're trying to reach. I will teach you which affordable tools to use so your videos look and sound great. Then we'll discuss the simple and subtle tactics that will make your videos easy to watch.

  • 10:00 am EST Trivinia Barber

"Working With Virtual Teams: Hiring Your First VA & Making It All Happen With Confidence, Clarity & Commitment"

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or still working on a side hustle, creating a team of remote experts to support you is crucial to keeping you in your lane. Trivinia has built a multiple 7 figure business helping founders build teams they can trust. In this session, you'll learn who to hire, when to hire and what to outsource so you can scale your business, fast. 

  • 11:00 am EST Andy Lynch

"Telling Your School Story with Clarity, Consistency, and Confidence"

You have multiple people involved in promoting your school: admissions, marketing, advancement, board members, principals, administrators, faculty and staff, and parents of current students. Do these key influencers understand how to articulate the distinctive value your school offers? Why should a family choose your school rather than the one down the street? In this session we’ll discuss the significance of consistent, focused narratives and demonstrate a methodology for developing messaging for key audiences by age and stage. 

  • 12:30 pm EST Tim McDonough

"Marketing Your School to Millennial Parents"

If you’ve found marketing to millennial parents more difficult than any other would be right. Their attention spans are fleeting. Their expectations are high. They have less money than previous generations and are reliant on their phones, the Internet and the wide community of social media to help them do everything, from locating the nearest coffee shop to researching private schools. I will discuss some truths you need to know and explain why your digital brand matters more than ever. 

  • 1:30 pm EST Dana Nelson-Isaacs  

"How to use Surveys, Demographics, and Psychographics to Create Customer Personas"

Understanding your audience - who you are talking to - is key to effective marketing. Without good data, schools are often left using ineffective anecdotal evidence to build marketing plans. Using simple, solid research, you can pull together customer personas in order to create specific messaging platforms to reach your ideal audiences. Understanding how to use these pieces of data in combination with each other can be extremely effective guides for marketing strategy and planning.  

In this session, Dana will discuss each research element and how to use the information to create your own customer personas. Attendees will receive practical tips that can be implemented immediately, along with longer term suggestions.

  • 2:30 pm EST Chuck Bankoff

"Topic Clusters, Google, and Your School"

The days of writing blog after blog and crossing your fingers that Google will list you at the top of their search results are over. It’s no longer just about keywords, it’s about broader topics and how you organize your content.

Here’s what’s going on.

Keywords have been the foundation of content creation for nearly a decade, and rightfully so, but times have changed. Voice assistants like Siri and Alexa are becoming more and more common and soon, the days of us manually researching answers to our problems will be gone as we merely speak them to devices.

Parents may not be searching for schools that meet their families’ education needs via voice just yet, but because of this shift in behavior, search engines are altering their algorithms to favor broad, topic-based content. Needless to say, this shakes up previous search engine optimization (SEO) strategies a bit and forces us to focus on how we can provide content to match new searcher intent.

That’s where topic clusters come in.

Simply put, topic clusters are a collection of interlinked articles or pages around one umbrella topic. They ultimately allow you to provide greater visibility for search engines to identify your content… and therefor your school. In this presentation, Chuck will go over the same step-by-step procedure that he and his team use with the schools that they assist with their marketing. 

  • 3:30 pm EST Steve Williams and Jay Cooper  

"How to Make Schools Websites ADA Compliant and Accessible for All"

There’s a good chance your school website is not as accessible as you might think. It's likely riddled with elements that make it difficult – or impossible – for anyone with disabilities to access all that great content fully. A recent survey by the Campus Suite Academy indicated that over 90% of the schools polled either knew their websites were not ADA compliant or didn’t know. School districts are under pressure by disability advocacy groups, the Office for Civil Rights and concerned parents to have their websites meet new federal regulations on website accessibility.  

Don’t be in the dark about school website accessibility and ADA compliance. This webinar will help you determine where your school website stands and where it needs to be. We'll guide you through the steps to make it pass muster so that you can serve your entire school community – including those with disabilities.

  • 4:30 pm EST Mitchell Dong

"The 5 Videos Every School Needs: Gaining Clarity and Focus in Your Video Strategy"

We’ve all heard that video is important, but where do we even begin? At the end of this presentation you will leave with a better grasp of the state of video marketing, have an outline for your first five videos, and gain confidence that your investment of precious marketing dollars and energy will be well spent on this increasingly important medium.


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