Where There Is Love There Is Life

“Where there is love there is life.”

~Mahatma Gandhi

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How to Cross-Post to Instagram From Your Facebook Page

Do you use Instagram and Facebook for your business? Are you looking for a way to post to Instagram from your desktop?

In this article, you’ll learn how to cross-post from Facebook to Instagram via your desktop.

5 Ways to Save Time on Content Creation

Content creation, when done correctly, takes time. But you’re a busy entrepreneur with a lot on your plate. Surely, there is a way to get more efficient about the content creation process.

The good news is: there is! There are ways to streamline the process and save time, while still creating meaningful content that will get you noticed by prospects and keep you top of mind with existing customers.

Here are my top five tips for saving time on content creation so you can get back to the other tasks that come along with running a business.

Required Instagram Video Sizes and Dimensions

Are you using video on Instagram to communicate, connect, and engage with your audience?

Wondering what are the best video sizes for everything from Instagram Stories to IGTV?

As video increases in popularity, adding it to your core marketing strategy is critical. And with so many video options, it’s easy to do.

But knowing the right video aspect ratio and dimensions can leave you scratching your head.

That’s why we’ve put together this complete guide, including an Infographic that you can pin and save for later!

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The One-Hour Guide to SEO: Technical SEO [Whiteboard Friday]

We’ve arrived at one of the meatiest SEO topics in our series: technical SEO. In this fifth part of the One-Hour Guide to SEO, Rand covers essential technical topics from crawlability to internal link structure to subfolders and far more. Watch on for a firmer grasp of technical SEO fundamentals!

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QUESTION: Cross-posted: Colleagues, during our leadership team meeting this week, the topic of hosting a podcast came up. We just introduced webinars for families this year and between that program being in its infancy, news of podcast oversaturation and that fact that there is no strategy to this discussion, you can imagine I am reluctant to entertain this. Does anyone have any war stories/feedback they would like to share? I haven’t had to combat shiny object syndrome yet this year so I guess I’m due.


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