You've Got To Find Yourself First. Everything Else'll Follow

“You've got to find yourself first. Everything else'll follow.”
~ Charles de Lint

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How to Deal with Fake Negative Reviews on Google

Fake reviews are a growing problem for those of us that own small businesses. In the online world, it's extremely easy to create a new account and leave either a positive or negative review for any business — regardless of whether you’ve ever tried to hire them.

Google has tons of policies for users that leave reviews. But in my experience they're terrible at automatically catching violations of these policies. At my agency, my team spends time each month carefully monitoring reviews for our clients and their competitors. The good news is that if you’re diligent at tracking them and can make a good enough case for why the reviews are against the guidelines, you can get them removed by contacting Google on Twitter, Facebook, or reporting via the forum.

5 Ways to Develop a Killer Community on Instagram

Instagram can inspire us. Its visual impact transports us to far-flung places. We can escape the rain on the school run, to feel just for a moment, the warmth of the sun on our faces. It can help us remember special times in our lives and share them with the world.

It’s this ability to transport us which holds huge power for those who know how to use it properly and who are prepared to put the effort in to make it work.

Besides the visual nature of the platform, its pull for me, and many others, is community. As with most of the other social media platforms, friends are made, collaborations ignited, and communities are built.

This development of community is such a vital part of growing your blog and your business. Without community you might attract readers, but you won’t develop fans.

So how do you develop a killer community on Instagram?

Let’s break it down into the five main areas you need to nail in order to build a killer community on Instagram.

5 Ways to Make Your Donor Stewardship Program More Effective

Your donor stewardship program is the heart of your fundraising system. A non-profit’s current donors are easier to reach, and more likely to give, than new prospects. They are your best source of ongoing financial support and the best prospects for new major gifts for your organization. Your current donors are the most valuable resource you have at your non-profit.

Unlocking the Power of Marketing Segmentation

For those of us in education marketing, the first thing we think of when talking about segmentation is demographics. But if you stop there, you’ll miss the real power behind marketing segmentation.

In the vast amounts of material available today on education marketing, you’ll almost always come across a word about segmentation. There’s good reason for that.

The most effective marketing messages are the ones that zero-in tightly on your target audiences.

Suggested Listening

How Private Schools Can Innovate to Survive and Thrive [Inspired School Marketing Podcast]

Greg Bamford is an educational thought-leader who consults on design thinking, leadership and strategic thinking. After working as a teacher at independent schools for over a decade, Greg co-founded Leadership+Design, a non-profit organization that works with school leaders across the country to support educational innovation. In 2014, Greg decided to focus his attention on one school and became the Head of School at Watershed School in Boulder, CO.

Watershed School is a unique school of 100 students in grades 6-12 . (Greg and I will be talking about what makes Watershed unique during the podcast.) Over the last four years, Greg helped guide Watershed's astonishing 78% enrollment growth and successful, first-ever ACIS accreditation process.

Greg’s career is once again taking a turn in June, 2018 as he becomes the Associate Head of School for Strategy & Innovation at the Charles Wright Academy, a coed, JK-12 independent school enrolling 665 students in Tacoma, Washington.

My conversation with Greg covers a wide range of topics, all of which will prove interesting and thought-provoking for private school leadership, faculty, administrators, staff and extended community.

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QUESTION: Are any k-8 schools addressing the National School Walkout day in protest to gun violence?


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