Lead Nurturing for Schools

The modern admission office has become very automated. By leveraging technology admission officers have been able to do more with less resources: staff, money, and time. The infusion of technology and automation doesn’t have to mean the disappearance of the ‘personal’ touch that all admission offices hold in high regard. This is where lead nurturing […]

Lead Nurturing for Schools

The Traditional Admission Funnel is Broken – Introducing The Enrollment Rings

In my opinion the traditional admission funnel is broken. I believe this for two reasons: 1. The Rise in Ghost Inquiries Ghost inquiries are those inquiries where the first point of contact with the prospective family is when they submit their application. The implications of ghost inquiries are huge. Sure it was great that you received the […]

The Traditional Admission Funnel is Broken

16 Ways to Do Your School’s Website Wrong

Charter schools, Virtual schools, Private schools…every school needs a quality website. It’s part of your marketing program. How do you think parents find you? And what do you think they base their first impression of your school on? Like it or not, somewhere along the line you are going to have to work with a […]

16 Ways to Do Your School's Website Wrong

8 Reasons Why I Love Canva

I have been blessed with fortuitous timing in my professional life. Time and time again opportunities have presented themselves at the exactly right time, exactly when I needed to them to in order to solve problems or issues I’m currently dealing with. This past winter I finished reading Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to […]

8 Reasons Why I love Canva

Step 4: Fill In The Details – School Marketing Plan Challenge

  In final step of the School Marketing Plan Challenge you are going to fill in the details of each goal using the information that you completed in Step 1 and Step 2. Here is how to accomplish Step 4:   Phase 1 In Mindmeister begin by dragging Initiatives and Marketing Channels to be under […]

Step 4 School Marketing Plan Challenge

#013: Word of Mouth Marketing for Your School with Rick Newberry [Podcast]

When most parents are asked how they first heard about their children’s private school the overwhelming response is through word of mouth. The troubling fact about this response is that most schools don’t have a specific strategy in order to harness the power of word of mouth marketing for their school and simply leave it to chance. […]

Word of Mouth Marketing for Your School with Rick Newberry [Podcast]