Boost your school’s digital marketing presence and increase inquiries with the Fractional Digital Marketer Program from SchneiderB Media.

Fractional Digital Marketer is a program that takes care of your inbound marketing, blogging, SEO, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads management to get more inquiries for your school.

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Hire a Digital Marketing Team to do all the work for you to get more inquiries!

According to NAIS's 2021 State of Independent School Marketing Survey, "...over half of respondents believe their head of school views digital marketing as "very important" and an additional 35% believe he or she views it as "important." Are you sure that your digital marketing efforts are as effective as they can be when you don't have enough time, are tired of keeping up with the seemingly constant changes to platform algorithms, and aren't really sure how to measure your digital marketing efforts? Whether you're struggling to get started or want to boost your digital marketing efforts, we provide the support, expertise, and experience you need with our Fractional Digital Marketer program.

Why partner with us?


We understand how much time and energy it takes to implement and maintain a digital marketing strategy. With our program, we'll take care of everything for you. Whether you're looking to grow inquiries and/or just make sure you're receiving the best return on investment of your marketing dollars, this is the perfect program for you.


With Fractional Digital Marketer, you don't need to become an expert in marketing to see success. We help schools boost their inquiries using inbound marketing, blogging, SEO, and Google and Facebook Ads. Our work is backed by 26 years of working with tuition charging schools, so we know schools, and we know our strategies work.


When you don’t have the resources to do all of the work, we provide a great option for you. We will increase inquiries at your school which is the first step in increasing enrollment.


Don't have time to manage your digital marketing? Let us do it for you! We work as an extension of your team, so we can implement and maintain your digital marketing for you. Don't waste time on tasks that could be done by someone better qualified.

Why should you consider the Fractional Digital Marketer program?

I've created the Fractional Digital Marketer program because I've sat in your seat. I've shared your struggles:

  1. I haven't had enough time to get it all done.
  2. I've been a victim of my school adding things to my plate without taking something away and expecting me to get it all done.
  3. I've wondered if our marketing efforts are what we should be doing.
  4. I've questioned the return on investment of our marketing dollars and haven't been sure how to figure that out.
  5. I've been tasked with creating reports and am unsure what to include and where to start.
  6. Finally, I've been told to increase inquiries for my school while also having to do everything else on my plate.

These are the reasons I created the Fractional Digital Marketer program. 

The Fractional Digital Marketer program is designed to serve as an extension of your team and take care of implementing, maintaining, and reporting on all of the current digital marketing best practices for your school with the single goal of increasing inquiries at your school.


Get a free consultation and see if the fractional digital marketer program is right for your school.

What is included In the Fractional digital marketer program

Inbound Marketing Implementation

We will conduct an audit of your current digital marketing efforts and help implement inbound marketing including the development of a persona, identifying keywords, creation of lead nurturing emails, landing pages, and an inquiry magnet.

SEO Management

This includes: Keyword research & optimization, Website landing page assignment, Content marketing research, Competitor analysis, GMB listing optimization, Citation build & alignment, Meta-data changes, Heading changes, Optimize content, Ongoing technical audit, PR link building strategy, Link building.

Google and Facebook Ad Management

We set up your accounts and actively manage them to drive traffic and conversions on your digital assets.
NOTE: This program does not include Google and Facebook Ad spend which would be an additional cost.

Blog Management w/Content Creation

We will create a blog and design it to compliment the design of the main school website. We will also create and publish 4 blog posts per month.

Monthly Reporting Dashboard

We will prepare monthly reports to highlight our progress.

Monthly Coaching Calls

We will conduct monthly coaching calls to discuss our reporting and to learn about what is happening at your school.

Brendan Schneider

About SchneiderB Media

Brendan Schneider is the founder and CEO of SchneiderB Media Inc. He has worked in boarding and day schools for 26 years and has worn many hats including Director of Technology, Director of Enrollment Management, Director of Admission and Financial Aid, and Director of Advancement. He is also a boarding school alumnus. Brendan began SchneiderB Media 12 years ago as a blog where he shared his school's journey with inbound marketing. What started as a blog has now turned into an agency dedicated to helping tuition playing schools earn more inquiries.

What Are You Waiting For? 

There's absolutely NO RISK to have a conversation with Brendan to see if the Fractional Digital Marketing is a good fit for your school. 


Is social media management included in the program?

No. Social media management is not included because we believe that it is very important to have people at the school managing social media on a daily basis. Instead, we will offer suggestions on the best way to use social media in the context of inbound marketing.

Is there a contract?

Yes. In order to implement these strategies and techniques and to ensure their effectiveness, the Fractional Digital Marketer program has a 12 month contract.